Workout Wednesday 5/6


  • Pull Ups = 4 in a row — UGH!  I guess all my sporadic pull ups did not help.  Blech.  I have no idea how I’m going to reach 10!  They also took out the assisted pull up machine at my gym.  Double blech.
  • 6 workouts; 74 minutes cardio; 3.25 miles running
  • PT = 6 — I’m so close to 7 out of 7, but there’s always one day where I just can’t bring myself to do anything.  Or I let myself run out of time.  It does make me feel a little bit ashamed that I haven’t accomplished doing this every day.  It’s like forgetting to take medicine; this is going to help me get better.


  • Thursday 4/30 – Love Handles & Lower Back + 5 pull ups – I had to choose 5 and I went with Swimmers, Plank Up Downs (these are the fucking worst), Superman, Knee Drop, Windmill Toe Touches.  Originally, I did the Around the World Obliques but those made my ankle twinge (I know that’s not a good descriptor, but it’s the only appropriate word).  Holy cow, my back was sore the next day.  Ow!
  • Friday 5/1 – 1.22 mile Run, 15:30 minutes + 4 pull ups – It was outside and it was awesome!  I’m not supposed to run outside for awhile, something about stress on the ankle, blah, blah, blah.  Running outside > Treadmill.  My hamstrings are killing me.  But my ankle is fine, so far so good knock on wood and all that jazz.
  • Saturday 5/2 – Rest Day
  • Sunday 5/3 – 1.23 mile run, 15:54 minutes + 4 pull ups – Originally I was going to postpone this until Monday because my ankle was a little twinge-y on Friday, but Saturday and Sunday it felt fine, so I went.  Still so far so good.  This is promising.  I just have to hold myself back because now I want to run every day, and I think it will be a long time before I can do back to back days.
  • Monday 5/4 – 1.5 rounds of Core Blast (w/o crunch kicks) + 5 pull ups, 4 chin ups – Okay, so I didn’t go beast mode today.  My foot hurt a little bit on start of the 2nd rep and I really wanted to paint my nails.  Sue me.
  • Tuesday 5/5 – 20 min bicycle, 10 min elliptical, 13 min/0.8 miles treadmill – I am a little worried about my ankle.  It’s still not anything I would classify as pain, but it feels weird.  I’m worried that it’s the torn ligament that is hurting, as opposed to the tendinitis.  Tendinitis is really glorified inflammation.  A few days off, ice, physical therapy and back to running, but in shorter intervals than before.  A torn ligament, on the other hand, needs more time off and immobilization.  I assume I would be having more intense pain or pain more often if the sprain wasn’t fully healed, but I still eased off on this run and I’ll give myself 2 days off before my next.  I did go from 0 running to running every other day, albeit only 15 minutes each, but still.  Time for an elongated rest.
  • Wednesday 5/6 – 5 Move Dumbbell Arm Workout – 4 sets of 10 — This is too easy to keep counting as a workout.  I’ll pair it with something else (abs?) moving forward.


My approach to this working out endeavor has always been, doing something is better than doing nothing.  With that mindset, I don’t really strategize for what I will do, what I should do, what areas I should target, etc.  I just do something.  Doing something is an achievement, but I think I should pay more attention to what it is I am doing vs. should be doing.  My true target areas are back and shoulders and abs, and I almost never work on them.  My true goal has nothing to do with target areas.  My goal is running a half marathon in 2 months.  With that in mind, I will focus on running and exercises that help with running for the next 2 months.  After that, we’ll see.  For the wedding I’ll be all about back and shoulders, since 100 people will be staring at by back.  Now, if someone can cure bacne….lol.

After all that, here are my goals for the upcoming week.  They are ambitious (for me), especially as I am quickly approaching party mode.

  • PT daily for 7 days:
    • 2×15 single leg calf raises
    • 2×10 eccentric heel lower on step
    • 2×25 tracing a J with my toes, in and outs – green band
    • 2×30 second calf stretch
    • 2×20 hips out and back – blue band
    • 2×30 seconds balance exercise – stand one one foot on uneven surface (pillow)
  • Run 2 short runs (~1 mile) and 1 “long” run (~2 miles).
  • 1x Crosstraining (cycling, elliptical, swimming)
  • 1x Stretch and/or yoga
  • 1x Ab workout
  • Keep at those pull ups.  Even though my focus is running, I’m not throwing out my 10 in a row goal.