Five Thing Friday

  1. I just finished up all my classes, all the extra work outside of work.  AND I’m already thinking about what I can learn next.  I have approximately a million books to read on my Kindle and I’m only 50% done with Anna Karenina, so there’s that.  BUT, I realized I don’t know enough about Greek Mythology.  It’s SOOOOOO interesting and I want to learn more.  It will help me follow more of the story lines on Orphan Black.  LOL
  2. Don’t you hate it when you go pee in a public restroom and something smells funny. You look around like, “What is that smell? Where is it coming from?” Then you realize that you ate asparagus at lunch.
  3. I’ve been continuing my quest to cook as much as possible.  Last Saturday I spent all day making Taco Cornbread Casserole, Cherry Cola Cake, and Tomatoes with Buttermilk Vinaigrette.  Everything was DELICIOUS.  I used Cherry Dr. Pepper in the cake, because I don’t like cola and I had to buy a 2 liter, so I didn’t want a ton of extra coke lying around.  I also couldn’t find pomegranate cherry juice concentrate, so I put in a couple tablespoons of Pom Blueberry juice in the frosting = soooo good.  The tomatoes tasting good, but I could have gotten almost the same effect with tomatoes and salad dressing, all for much less $$ and work.  All of these were extremely calorie dense (except for the tomatoes, obviously), so MyFitnessPal is a little perturbed with me.  From now on, going through the Taste of Home recipes, I’m not going to make desserts unless there’s an occasion.

    Taco Cornbread Casserole – I really should have realized that something with 2 C of Fritos wasn’t healthy, but I have this mindset that homecooking is always better for me. Welp, sometimes it isn’t.


    Cherry Cola Cake, in the fridge, with a backdrop of a variety of beverages


  4. Since I’m running again, I got out all my exercise clothes and found these shorts with tags still on them.  They’re Reebok spandex shorts that I found at TJMaxx for $12 a few months ago.  They are my new favorite thing to run in.  Short shorts results in chafed thighs.  I have no thigh gap (nor do I want one, to be honest), therefore, long runs result in bruises between my legs (I’ll forgo making a dirty joke here – that would be in poor taste).  Here are the magical shorts that keep me cool and bruise/chafing free!
  5. AND….DRUM ROLL PLEASE….I’M GRADUATING TODAY!!!!!!Image result for keep calm lets party

2 thoughts on “Five Thing Friday

  1. The food all looks delicious! When I finished school one of the things I was looking forward to most was reading books I WANTED to read instead of books that I HAD to read.
    Congrats on graduating!!! So exciting!!! 😀

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