Makeup Monday – Pink Eye?

Pink and red eyeshadows can look terrible very easily. One blog I read calls it “consumption makeup.” As in, you look like you have consumption, a wasting disease.  Sometimes it can look like pink eye.  Neither of these descriptors has dissuaded me from wearing pink and red eyeshadow (not at the same time), but I think you do have to be careful with it.  You must line your eye in a “normal” color, brown or black, and shade the corner and contour the crease like a smokey eye.  Here’s my take on pink eyeshadow:

Revlon Colorstay Eyeshadow

Here’s the part where I look sick – ONLY pink eye shadow is on at this point.


Highlight under brows. Line with black eyeliner. Apply black shadow along lash line and a bit up the crease.

Finished product. I don’t think I look sick, at all. haha






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