Workout Wednesday 5/13

Last week I set some lofty goals for myself.  I even admitted that “they are ambitious (for me), especially as I am quickly approaching party mode.”  [eww, what kind of douchenozzle quotes herself?]  And I was right.  I had Friday off and the relaxation just continued throughout the weekend.  Given my late push the last few days, I’ve only actually missed doing cross training.  Because cross training sucks and is boring and requires packing a gym back and going to the gym.  Fuck cross training.  (not really – I need it to help improve my cardiovascular stamina, since I’m not supposed to run very far/long)

I had my ~ * last * ~ physical therapy appointment yesterday!  I know what you’re thinking – yeah, Briana, we’ve heard that before.  But, it’s summer, I know how to fix tendinitis, and I shouldn’t be spraining my ankle on any snow and ice.  Half marathon here I come!  Very slowly.  With lots of walking.  Seriously I have 2 months to increase from 2 miles (at a 12 pace) to 13.1 miles (hopefully still around a 12 pace – bahahahaha).  My therapist said to reduce my PT exercises to maintenance mode, so not on the days I run.  Run 3x per week, PT 4x per week.


  • Pull Ups = I haven’t done any pull ups this week, and I left the house this morning without seeing how many I can do, so we’ll guesstimate around 3.
  • 4 workouts; 60 minutes cardio; 4.72 miles running
  • PT = 4


  • Thursday 5/7 – 2.03 mi run, 24:02 min
  • Monday 5/11 – 1.69 mi run, 20:44 min and 5 Simple Stretches
  • Tuesday 5/12 – 1.0 mi run, 16:00 min – This run was at PT on the treadmill, following roughly a half walk, half run strategy.  When I’m outside I sort of just wing it and walk when I feel like I need to.  I know, that’s not following the Return to Running plan.
  • Wednesday 5/13 – Half of Jillian Michaels 6 Week 6 Pack – Yes, I only did half of it.  I snoozed forever this morning and was running out of time.  And I haven’t done a Jillian Michaels workout in months.  She’s hard!


All of these running tips are awesome!  Here’s my favorite:

Here are my goals for this week!

  • PT daily for 4 days:
    • 2×15 single leg calf raises
    • 2×10 eccentric heel lower on step
    • 2×25 tracing a J with my toes, in and outs – green band
    • 2×30 second calf stretch
    • 2×15 hips out and back – increase to purple band band
    • 2×30 seconds balance exercise – stand one one foot on uneven surface (pillow)
  • Thursday – 3.1 mile run + stretch
  • Friday – Foam roll + stretch + push ups + pull ups
  • Saturday – Home workout –> Glutes
  • Sunday – ~1 mile run
  • Monday – Gym –> bicycle 45 minutes
  • Tuesday – ~1 mile run
  • Wednesday – Home Workout –> Back and obliques