I forgot it’s (Five Thing) Friday

Five things going on my life this week!

  1. I have an array of realtors texting me because we gave notice on our apartment yesterday and they’re already showing it tonight.  Our lease is up at the end of August and our landlord was not very flexible (wouldn’t give us a month to month or agree to let us out of a lease if we found her new tenants), so we didn’t renew.  Now we really, really have to find a house!  Otherwise, we’ll be living in my dad’s basement and commuting 2 hours EACH WAY to work.  UGH.  The pressure’s on!!!  Too bad places we looked at that were listed at $360K sold for $437K!  
  2. I FINALLY dropped off my ring to get resized and it’s going to take 2 weeks.  This sounds very silly, but once you have it on, it’s weird to take off.  When I’m reading wedding blogs on the train, I feel like everyone around me is thinking that I’m crazy and single.
  3. Tomorrow I’m going to drop approximately $500 on groceries.  We’re going to try to do Buzzfeed’s Clean Eating Challenge.  I don’t think I’ve ever bought enough food for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks for 7 days for 2 people all in one trip.  I had to double check with the FH that he isn’t using his car tomorrow because I’m definitely not walking that shit home.
    no animated GIF

    …I know I was on a Mindy kick, but there’s always room for some Nicki


  4. This thing looks terrifying.  I have to finally eat chia seeds.  And smoothies.  And overnight oatmeal.  All this shit I read about people eating, all the while I eat Totino’s pizza rolls like a normal person.  (sorry, I called you abnormal…this is weird and scary for me).  We did decide we’d substitute for a couple things we absolutely hate, but we’ll try our best to try all this new things (even if they look gross…I’m looking at you green smoothies).  In the first week, we’re subbing strawberries and bananas for the grapefruit snack and chicken breast for the shrimp.  Week 2 has a lot of portobello mushrooms, which FH will NOT eat (I’m the one who vetoed the shrimp, so I can’t blame him), but I’m not sure what to substitute.  I was thinking eggplant.  Mindy Donut
  5. Before that starts, my friends are kicking off the summer with a fire and some grilling.  I’m going to make Kahlua Sheet Cake.  Yummm.  Happy Weekend!!