Makeup Monday – My 1st Ipsy

I signed up for Ipsy months ago and sat on the wait list forever because I refuse to share promotions on Facebook. 2 weeks ago I noticed a $10 charge on my credit card and realized that I was FINALLY getting my first Ipsy bag!


The bag is cute, but I honestly don’t know what I’m going to do with all these little bags.


Here’s what came in the bag:

Just the two full size products are worth $43 and I only paid $10 for the bag, the samples, and the full size products.  That’s pretty damn good.

So far, I’ve used the GlamGlow cleanser and the Clear Start toner.  I’ll review the rest of the bag next week!

IMG_0774I didn’t have high hopes for the cleanser, given the last time I reviewed GlamGlow, but this one was pretty awesome.  The instructions tell you to rub it on your face dry, then add water to make it foam up.  It’s thick, like mud, and feels like a good quality clay mask.  It doesn’t exactly foam with water, but does get a smidge sudsy.  It left my skin feeling really soft, and fresh, and clean.  My pores were truly cleared out.

I haven’t used a toner in years, but I like the Clean Start well enough.  It has a lemony citrus smell and feels refreshing.  Hopefully it does clear breakouts!  If that’s the case, I’ll gladly buy the full size.



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    • It’s $10 per month, you fill out a quiz about your beauty and hair product preferences, and then you get 1 bag per month filled with ~5 products tailored to you. Birchbox does something similar. It’s a fun, cheaper alternative to treating myself at Sephora.

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