Clean Eating Torture – some thoughts

We started Buzzfeed’s clean eating challenge on Sunday. This entailed 2 hours of grocery shopping and $230 on Sunday that I’ll never get back. Then it entailed approximately 5 hours of cooking. 1.5 hours in the morning for breakfast and lunch. 3.5 hours in the evening for dinner that night, plus preparing breakfast, lunch and a snack for the next day, plus doing dishes 3 times.

First thought – who the fuck has time to do this???  I get home from work and the gym by 7, then shower, then it’s 7:30.  Forget relaxing, I’ve gotta get cauliflower in the food processor, chia seeds in some almond milk for tomorrow, plus I have to unpack and repack my fridge 3 times because it doesn’t have room for this much food!

Second thought – speaking of chia seeds….EWWWW.  This slimy, wormy little eyeballs are fucking disgusting.  When this is completed, I will never, in my life, eat chia pudding again.  That is a solemn vow.  BLECH.  BARF.  My stomach is queasy just thinking about it.

Third thought – THIS IS SO MUCH WORK.  I know, I know, it’s the same as the first thought, but I’m dreading going home and cooking and doing dishes again.  I’m supposed to eat a frittata tomorrow morning.  Who has time to make a frittata + lunch BEFORE WORK?!?!  If I did that, I’d get home even later and then have no time to make dinner.  I am going to be one tired motherfucker after this.

Fourth thought – I think 1 week of clean eating is probably enough.


3 thoughts on “Clean Eating Torture – some thoughts

  1. Lol!!! You are awesome. Once you do it for a while you figure out how to not have it be another mortgage payment. You also stick to the foods you enjoy. Maybe just try adding more fruits and vegetables to the stuff you already eat? Just the ones you like though.

  2. So at the end of the day, did you like the chia pudding? I have never had it, there must be some great benefits? Personally for me clean eating means as little processed foods as possible, so when I am not in oreo addict mode and instead focused on vegetables, i can feel the difference immediately. Thanks for steering me clear of Chia!

    • I hated it. The texture was slimy and gelatinous. Since I have a bunch of it now, I did look up other ways to use it and it can be used as another grain in baking muffins, so I’m sure that’s fine. THe pudding was just disgusting.

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