Workout Wednesday 5/20


  • Pull Ups = 3
  • 5 workouts; 63 minutes cardio; 5.76 miles running
  • PT = 2


  • Thursday 5/14 – 3.24 mi run, 36:13 min – There was a lot of walking during this run, but overall I was surprised at my time.  My best time on this route was 30 minutes, so coming back after 3 months off and hitting 36 (not that I should be trying for any sort of time) was impressive (to me, at least).  <— The FH calls these “Briana parentheses” because that’s how I talk. all. the. time.
  • Sunday 5/17 – 1.26 mi run, 13:33 min – Meh, it was hot out.  I really wish I were running in the winter/fall.
  • Monday 5/18 – Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred – I was supposed to go to the gym today – even brought all my stuff to work and changed in the work bathroom on my way out.  Then I remembered that I haven’t filled out my alumni form, so I don’t have gym access right now.  I chose 30 Day Shred when I got home because it has cardio intervals in it, which was the whole point of going to the gym – cross training.  I did the whole video!
  • Tuesday 5/19 – 1.26 mi run, 13:33 min – MapMyRun says this one was actually 1.34 in distance, but it’s the same route that I did on Sunday.  I think my GPS was trying to find me at some point and added a bit of distance, because I cut the corners really close (thus, there’s no reason it should be longer than Sunday’s run).  SO, I’m “logging” it as 1.26.  Also, it’s amazing how a 1.2 mile run can feel as difficult as a 3.2 mile run I did a few days ago.  And by amazing, I mean frustrating.
  • Wednesday 5/20 – Love Handles & Obliques Workout courtesy of My Goodness blog – Instead of picking 5 I’m just going to do 1 set of 12 of everything.  Yes, that’s future tense.  I’ll be working out when I get home from work, but I KNOW I won’t write this post after that, so here it is – preemptive props for me.


  • Thursday – Run 4 miles
  • Friday – PT + stretching
  • Saturday – PT + Abs + Arms
  • Sunday – Run 2 miles
  • Monday – PT + stretching
  • Tuesday – Run 1 mile
  • Wednesday – PT + Abs + Arms
  • And finally, go to the school ID office to get my alumni ID so that I can finally get into the gym to do other cardio besides running.

Countdown to half marathon = 7 weeks, 3 days