Five Thing Friday

Things I’ve learned from the clean eating challenge:

  1. Cooking breakfast, lunch and dinner every day is not sustainable.  I have no life.  It’s taking up more time than graduate school.  We are only doing this one week, so tomorrow is our last day of it.  Thank god.
  2. That being said, it is nice to wake up and have breakfast, lunch and a snack all ready to go.  Maybe once we find a house and a wedding venue, I’ll start meal planning a little bit more.
  3. I don’t like swiss chard or chia pudding.  I do like almond butter, spaghetti squash and cauliflower rice.  Who knew.
  4. The calories on this challenge are slightly out of my goal range.  My goal = 1200-1400.  Clean Eating Challenge = 1300-1600.  However, there is SO MUCH FOOD.  Way more quantity than I normally eat because, duh, everything is lower in calories.  However, I’ve learned that even with better foods and more calories certain things don’t keep me full.  Certain things being smoothies.  When I have a calorie dense smoothie for breakfast, I’m more hungry than if I eat a Luna Bar.
  5. Garlic makes everything more palatable.  And so does bacon.  But there was no bacon on this challenge?  Isn’t bacon clean?  As clean as chicken?  I have no idea, I just really want bacon.  I see a Maple Bacon Donut in my near future (sunday!).

One thought on “Five Thing Friday

  1. Meal planning is challenging, which is why I keep mine so simple. I keep hoping one day I’ll find myself super ambitious and filling my fridge with well-labeled tupperware but it just hasn’t happened.
    Bacon is amazing! Even with my healthy eating I don’t deprive myself of bacon just try to balance it somewhat with healthy stuff, like yesterday I had 2 slices with my spinach omelet…of course then I had to resist wanting to cook more because it’s so good 😉

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