The End of Workout Wednesdays

It’s not as drastic as it sounds.  I need to switch to a Monday through Sunday week like normal people.  Right now my long runs are smack dab in the middle of the week and, for whatever reason, I can’t wrap my head around planning that way.  Particularly, with the race on a Sunday…everything is building up to that.  To make that switch, this post is half of a workout wednesday post and next Sunday I’ll post a full week.

Even though I won’t write about it all, these were my goals for the week and the ones I finished are crossed off.  It wasn’t the best showing.

  • Thursday – Run 4 miles
  • Friday – PT + stretching
  • Saturday – PT + Abs + Arms
  • Sunday – Run 2 miles
  • Monday – PT + stretching
  • Tuesday – Run 1 mile
  • Wednesday – PT + Abs + Arms
  • And finally, go to the school ID office to get my alumni ID so that I can finally get into the gym to do other cardio besides running.


  • Pull Ups = 2
  • 2 workouts;  48 minutes cardio;  4.06 miles running
  • PT = 1


  • Thursday 5/21 – 4.06 mile run, 48:30 minutes – Again, the GPS is funky.  This route maps to 4.06 miles, but I’ve run it twice (once last summer) and it has GPS’d to 4.31 and 4.4 miles.  I’m going with 4.06 since I don’t think my running pattern was zig zagging all over the place like the GPS line.  Also, I found my IT band.  Holy hell.  It started hurting at the beginning of mile 4 and that last mile was torture.  It felt like I had a wooden hip.
  • Friday 5/22 – PT + Stretch + Foam Rolling – Stretched out my hips and hamstrings.  Foam rolled EVERYTHING.  IT band hurt with the foam rolling, but it hurt equally on both sides.  Thursday only my right side was bothering me during the run.  So it seems okay.


  • Run 2x – I don’t think I ever even wrote it here, but one of my main goals was to hit 5 miles before the end of May.  That’s coming up this weekend.  I also want to do 1 short run before it to make sure my ankle feels okay.
  • Yoga – Any of these sequences from Runner’s World.
  • Strength – Runner’s Strength Workout
  • PT 4x

You may have noticed a running theme, here.  My sole goal and focus for the next 6 weeks is the half marathon.  Screw weight loss, six packs, size 2 jeans, jacked arms.  I. just. want. to. run.  I need to focus all my extracurricular exercise on helping me run.  So, probably no pull up challenge for awhile.

Full disclosure, I’m having some pain on the underside of my right ankle.  (I sound like a broken record! – but this time it’s the right, not the left, so that’s new)  Here’s hoping it’s just a little inflammation and not a tear.  All of these goals are contingent on it feeling 100%.

Now that I’m hitting some distances, I also need to be careful with increasing.  The standard rule is don’t increase more than 10% per week.  That can be a little confusing when you’re starting at 0 and I haven’t been following the rule.  I’ve been increasing my long run by ~30% and my overall mileage by ~20%.  BUT, my weekly mileage still is really low.  That has been purposeful.  If I’m going to run the half, I can’t follow the 10% rule, but I have been trying to keep my other runs really short to compensate for increasing that long run so quickly.  None of this makes the long run easy and I’m definitely not doing a good job of conditioning myself to exercise for 3 hours straight.  Next month I’m going to have to start focusing on endurance – probably by adding in some heavy cross training that won’t increase my odds of injury.

Countdown to half marathon = 6 weeks, 3 days