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    1. Well this one’s easy.  Tasha at Transitions in My Life is a great blog to read.  Inspirational and motivational, but without the rose-colored glasses.  She keeps it honest.  It’s also a beautiful blog.  So, thank you Tasha.  I love that people I enjoy reading all the time, also read my blog. Thank you, again!
  2. Share 7 things about yourself.
    1. I had to do this part the last time I was nominated for awards, and I’m struggling to come up with things.  But I’ll start here, in a vulnerable place.  I think of myself as very liberal and open-minded, but if you disagree with things like gay marriage rights or argue that women don’t really make less than men or spout some shit about how people shouldn’t riot because it doesn’t solve problems (history proves otherwise), I just can’t listen to it.  I don’t have the energy or self restraint.  My mind is closed to those ideas.  Sorry not sorry.
    2. I also mentioned in my last 7 things about myself that addiction runs in my family.  My brother is a heroin addict.  Was?  Recovered?  Maybe.  It’s hard to trust anything he says again, and I certainly don’t agree with or condone the non-drug related choices he’s making.  I never knew anyone who had done heroin before, so I googled the shit out of it.  It’s a bleak fucking world out there folks and the U.S. has spent so much money on the “War on Drugs” with nothing to show for it.  That’s because stopping one supply of drugs just opens a hole for other supplies to fill.  Taking one user off the street makes one new user.  I don’t think we can cut down on drug use by focusing on the drugs.  I think you have to focus on the disease, on the addiction.  If no one wants them, then there will be no supply.  Drug dealers are in it to make money.  If the health care system treats and recovers everyone who the dealers get addicted, they’ll have no one to sell to.  In business, it costs something like 5 times more to gain a new customer than to retain an existing one.  Force drug dealers to always have to find new customers.  They’ll close down shop for something more lucrative.  Probably guns.  But that’s a separate problem.
    3. I have $132,000 in student loan debt.  It’s good debt, right?  Bahahahaha.  It’s astronomical and I cannot wrap my head around actually paying it off.  Most of the loans are on 30-year repayment plans.  At one point I had calculated all the money I would have saved if I didn’t have those payments.  I could have bought a car with cash 3 years ago.  Was it all worth it?  Honestly, probably not.  I’m smart enough and a hard enough worker to have worked my way up, but I need direction.  I’m not so good at forging my own path.  I needed professors and curricula to tell me what to learn and when.  Just thinking about all this is getting overwhelming.
    4. Apparently, I was feeling really serious today.  Sorry guys.  Let’s go with something lighter, now.  When I was a child, my mom told me not to eat in bed or there would be ants.  My childlike logic supposed that meant that crumbs turn into ants.  I went on assuming that for years.  It wasn’t until about junior high that I actually thought about it for a minute and realized, DUH, that’s not true!  My ex just told me a few weekends ago that’s one of his favorite stories to tell people…without telling them who, of course.  Of course!  Thanks bud!  haha
    5. I just decided I’m only doing 5, because it IS Five Thing Friday and I am tired.  We’re going to look at another wedding venue next week and I’m feeling optimistic.  They let you rent out the whole restaurant for a reasonable price.  It’s cool looking and it’s right on the water.  It has a heated outside porch (great for all the smokers in my family! lol).  And there’s a big hotel 0.2 miles from it (no shuttle bus costs!).  Hopefully the space is what we need it to be.  Seeing it on Thursday and I have my fingers crossed!  It’s also featured in this terrible, horrible music video (the scenes where he’s at the bar).  Sorry for subjecting you to this on a Friday.  Hopefully you find it funny!
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    1. I’m breaking the rules here.  No nominations.  A lot of people I read have already won it or similar ones recently.

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  1. Coming up with 7 things is a challenge for some reason. I know I struggled with it too but I love the 5 things you come up with perfect for Friday 🙂 I agree with you about the War on Drugs, it’s part of the reason I want to go into social work or probation because I think we need to spend more time helping people overcome addiction instead of throwing everyone in jail or prison.
    As long as that obnoxious rapper isn’t there that looks like it could be a nice venue. Glad I watched it long enough to see the dramatic job interview scene in the middle, horrible and terrible but it did make me laugh 😀

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