Sunday Workout Recap

This is my first workout post on a “normal” schedule and I already screwed it up.  Totally forgot I was supposed to post last night.  It covers Monday 5/26 through today, Sunday 5/31.  It also conveniently ends on the last day of the month so that I can do a nice monthly wrap up this week.


  • PT = 4x
  • Miles = 8.62 miles
  • Cardio = 1 hour, 42 minutes
  • Workouts = 4x


  • Tuesday 5/26 – 1.72 mile run, 18:41 minutes + PT- I was tired and my legs were tight, but it wasn’t a bad run. Hips felt fine. Ankle felt a little stiff. We’ll see how this next week goes.
  • Wednesday 5/27 – PT
  • Thursday 5/28 – 1.47 mile run, 16:48 minutes – This was my first hill repeat workout!  I live at the bottom of a hill and there are a bunch of parallel roads running up it, so it’s easy to map out a route without going up and down the same hill 5 times.  I’ve been contemplating it for awhile, and when I left the house this morning, I was so bored with my usual routes, that I went up the hill.  I only repeated once.  Turns out it’s not just bad for you ankles; you’re lungs aren’t so happy, either.  I don’t think I actually ran all the way up either hill (“I don’t think…” – pshhhh, I know I didn’t).  But the Gansett course is hilly.  So I gotta get used to it!  Seriously, look at this.  I love their note – it only looks hilly on this elevation map that is meant to measure hills.  It’s not really – promise!gansettcourse
  • Friday 5/29 – Runner’s Strength Workout + PT – This workout was pretty easy.  If I had more time in the morning, I should double it.  Despite being easy, I can tell it’s working the muscles I need to.  I’m also probably going to regret calling it easy tomorrow.
  • Saturday 5/30 – 5.43 mile run, 1:06:46 hours – Full recap here.  My painful tendon is getting better by the day.  Should be able to run again on Tuesday.
  • Sunday 5/31 – PT and a little bit of stretching, but not enough to call it a workout


My goal this week is to make sure my foot feels better.  It’s getting better everyday.  It almost feels like a tight muscle.  I’m headed to the gym today for some cross training.  Hopefully a run tomorrow, Thursday, and Saturday, with PT, yoga, and strength in between.  Essentially the same goals as last week.