May Fitness Roundup


  • Cardio = 347 minutes [April = 102]
  • Total Distance = 26.41 miles [April = 1.02 miles]
  • Fitbit — Average Daily Steps: 8,230 [April = 6,287]
  • MyFitnessPal — Average Daily Calories= 1540 [April = 1572]
  • Weight: No idea.  I believe I said my focus was not dieting and weight, but running.  I do know it’s 1-2 pounds heavier than last month and I don’t care!

My goals for May were as follows, along with my notes on achievements!

  1. Physical Therapy – I continued, but given the way my tendon has been acting up, I really need to be more consistent.
  2. Food Tracking – Continue
  3. Reduce calorie consumption – My goal for may was 1450.  I did not achieve that.  I did however reduce my calorie consumption by 32 calories, on average.  That doesn’t really mean anything, but I’ll take whatever progress I can get.
  4. Run! I achieved by goal of hitting 5 miles, but I worry that it came at the cost of continuing my training.


Goals?  Figure out how to train for this half without aggravating my foot?  Possible?  Yes?  Probably not.  In order to run the half, I’d like to hit 9-10 miles by the end of June.  Then I have 2 weeks until the race, so I should be able to pull 3 more miles out of my back pocket, right?  Physical therapy, anti-inflammatories, ice, RICE, proper shoes…  These are all an important focus for this month.

Cardio is my main goal.  Even if it’s cross training at the gym.  Even if I can’t work my way up to running 13 miles, I need to know that I can exercise for 3 hours.  My goal is lofty: 720 minutes of cardio in the month of June.  Sounds like a lot since I only hit 347 this month, but it’s only 3 hours per week.

Strength training and stretching will be my other focus.  The gist is that even if I can’t run, I still need to train for this half marathon somehow.