Five Thing Friday

  1. Last night our real estate agent called.  The place in Watertown that we put an offer in on this week was back on the market.  The winning offer pulled out before even getting the inspection, which is very strange.  Cold feet? Perhaps.  2nd chance for us?  Definitely.  The sellers went back and asked for the 5 other offers to resubmit by today at 11am if they’re still interested.  We resubmitted our offer this morning.
  2. We saw Cork Wine & Tapas last night.  Oh. My. God.  The place is fucking fabulous.  It’s all stone and mahogany and stainless steel.  Elegant and rustic at the same time.  The upstairs room exits to a heated patio covered in vines.  The downstairs lounge has cool round booths.  We ate dinner there and food was amazing.  Close to the best scallops I’ve ever had.  Of course there are downsides.  Standing room only ceremony.  Guests spread out across 3 floors.  People who don’t want to dance will be on the main level, while we’re living it up on the top floor.  First dance, father/daughter and mother/son dances won’t be viewable by all.  Some guests might have to eat dinner in a different dining room!  We just want everybody to be able to see us and celebrate with us.  Like this. the fresh prince of bel air animated GIF I am coming around to the idea, though.  Cocktail hour in the lower floor lounge, dinner on the main floor (cut the guest list down to 80 so we could all be seated on the same level), dancing on the upstairs floor.  This probably means a longer time period so more $$$ for the open bar, but less people, so it all comes out in the wash?
  3. Well, I started this post early in the day.  Shit happened.  Ya know, I had to work while at work.  And we didn’t get the house a second time.  Someone had a higher down payment.  Fuck all y’all people with more than 20K to spend.  Bitches and hos.  They be looking down on me like fresh prince of bel air animated GIF
  4. In other news, I’m hiring at work.  This is the first time I’ve really interviewed people who weren’t co-op students.  One of my questions is, “Tell me about something you had to teach yourself on your own.  What was it?  How did you go about learning it?  What tools did you use?”  Essentially I’m looking for someone who can independently figure things out via Google, help forums, you tube videos, other free training.  An answer I got from someone: I had taken PowerPoint training 3 times, but never had to use it, so by the time I had to use it, I had to teach it to myself.  I called around my office and found somebody who knew it really well and had them teach me.  will smith animated GIF No.  Just no.  Do not waste your coworkers valuable time on something that a trainer has already been paid to train you on THREE TIMES and it didn’t stick.  NO.
  5. Also, SEND A FOLLOW UP EMAIL.  Either thank me and reiterate why you’re good for the position and want it, or thank me and tell me you’re not interested.  DO NOT FALL OFF THE FACE OF THE EARTH AFTER.  UGH.  (because I liked you a lot when we meant, and now I have no idea if you even want to pursue this)fresh prince of bel air animated GIF

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  1. Interviewing people is an interesting process. I’m amazed at the things people say, sometimes halfway through an interview I just wanted to say “No thank you” and escort them to the door. Keeping my fingers crossed for you on the housing situation and I’m totally digging the Fresh Prince gifs today 😀

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