Sunday Runday

I mostly successfully rehabbed my food (tomorrow will either confirm or deny that) and I hit the gym this week for some non-injury-causing cardio.  I’m proud of myself for staying at the gym for over an hour on Friday night.  I am not proud of myself for the lack of strength or stretching.


  • PT = 4x
  • Miles =  4.67 miles
  • Cardio = 182 minutes
  • Workouts = 4x


  • Monday 6/1 – PT
  • Tuesday 6/2 – 1.22 miles run, 12:50 minutes + PT – My tendon hurts.  Which means my foot hurts.  Which means I can’t run until it stops hurting.  In other annoying news, my GPS is wacky.  It logged this run as 1.55 miles, which I knew wasn’t right.  As you can see in the second map, I’ve run it before in 1.22 miles.  Now, I know I can run it faster, but I didn’t know I could run it shorter.GPS Mistakes
  • Wednesday 6/3 – GYM! 30 minutes on the recumbent bike and 30 minutes on the elliptical – I was barely sweating from the bike.  Then after a minute on the elliptical, I was already deciding to only 15 minutes because 45 minutes total of cardio is better than 30 is better than 0.  But, my logic kicked in.  If I can’t do 30 minutes on the elliptical, I can’t do 180 minutes in a race.  Honestly, if I can’t do 180 minutes on the elliptical, I can’t do 180 minutes in a race.  But I don’t think the gym will like that very much.  I will try to get up to 2 hours combined on the bike and elliptical.  And I know I should move to the upright bike.
  • Thursday 6/4 – PT – Day 2 of rest from running since
  • Friday 6/5 – 30 minutes on the bike and 40 minutes on the elliptical – I actually did 20 on the elliptical, 30 bike, then 20 again on the elliptical.  My feet go numb on the elliptical, so I decided to split it up.
  • Saturday 6/6 – PT
  • Sunday 6/7 – 3.45 miles, 40:31 minutes – I set out to do a 5K and added some detours around the halfway mark since I was feeling good.  Except for my calves.  My calves hate me.  There is no other cardio that can prepare your calves for running, which is scary.  My foot is a little tight right now.  Nowhere near what it was last week after 5 miles, or this week after that 1 mile.  But still sore.  We’ll see what tomorrow brings.


This week is a crazy work week.  I work a 12 hour day on Tuesday.  Tuesday would be the day that I run again, but I think it’s a blessing that I have to take 2 days off, especially since my foot is sore.  I plan to do 3 miles Wednesday, 2 miles Friday, and 6 miles Sunday if my foot continues to bounce back after each run.  It is 5 weeks until the half marathon and I would really like to get up to 11 miles prior.  That’s going to be tough given that 5 miles debilitated me for a week.

I know I keep saying I’ll do it, but seriously, I need to do yoga this week.  Given all my other problems, I’m going to snap my Achilles if I don’t.  So the goal is 3 runs, 1 yoga, 1 crosstrain, 5 PT.



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