Sunday Runday

After last week’s long run, I tried to put my foot in an ice bath.  ARGGGGG.  Pretty sure ice baths are the most painful thing ever.  I could only dip my foot in and then take it out immediately.  In one forum, some trainer suggested a bucket of ice water and a bucket of hot water and switching between them, so the ice reduces swelling and the hot increases blood flow to the area.  Yeah, fuck no.  That sounds like torture.  Literally, I think you could get someone to give away government secrets doing that.week animated GIF


  • PT = 4x
  • Miles = 10.7 miles
  • Cardio = 190 minutes
  • Workouts = 5x


  • Monday 6/8 – 15 min Arc Trainer, 30 min bike, 15 min elliptical + PT – The bottom of my foot was still in pain from Sunday, so I didn’t want to do too much elliptical even though it didn’t hurt (this is totally a cop out, I just fucking hate the elliptical…).  So, I started on the Arc Trainer.  This burned a TON of calories and I was sweating more than when I run.  I’ll definitely incorporate it, but only for short amounts of time.  It has a tendency to irritate my hips.

    Arc Trainer

  • Tuesday 6/9 – Squats & push-ups, 10 each – Something is better than nothing?  I was up at 5:30 this day and had to leave by 6:45, AND wasn’t getting home until 9pm, so not much in the way of exercise was going to get done.
  • Wednesday 6/10 – 2 mile run, 22:37 minutes – Besides the fact that it was 80 degrees and muggy and I couldn’t breathe, this run felt great! hot animated GIF  I did another foot ice bath, but with only a few ice cubes this time, and immediately after I got back.  It was much more tolerable this time (enjoyable, even).  I didn’t do any PT today, and I just realized that I really need to do PT 4 days in a row, now.  UGH.
  • Thursday 6/11 – Yoga & PT – I linked to this video a few weeks ago, and probably some time before that and I finally did it for the first time today.  It really stretched out my hamstrings and worked my abs at the same time.  And it was only 20 minutes!  That either means it’s a very efficient workout, or I’m REALLY out of shape.  When it comes to yoga, I’m going with the latter.
  • Friday 6/12 – 2.58 mile run, 30:42 minutes + PT
  • Saturday 6/13 – PT
  • Sunday 6/14 – 6.12 mile run; 1:17:17 – My long run!  And I can still walk!!!  I put my feet in an ice bath right when I got back and it felt amazing.  I suppose I should remove my torture comment earlier.  My pace was slow (12:37 min/mile) and that projects to 13:10 min/mile for the half.  I’m a little worried they’ll close the course on me.  Oh well.  Since I had to go so far, I got to run a really cool route with 2 miles along the Charles River, which separates Boston from Cambridge.  I was on the Cambridge side, so I got to take in the views of all the Boston building and skyline.

    I didn’t take this picture, but it is EXACTLY what I was looking at today. Photo cred to Garden Sprite:


  1. DO PT EXERCISES FOR 5 DAYS, DAMMIT!  I can’t seem to get this one down.
  2. RUN 7.5 miles on Saturday or Sunday.

I have 4 weeks to the half.  My only training plan involves my long run: week 4 = 7.5, week 3 = 9.5, week 2 = 12, week 1 = 13.1!!  A lot of half training plans only bring you up to a 10 mile run beforehand, but I don’t have a very good base, so that would make me super nervous, but it does mean that I don’t have to stick to those numbers that I planned.

According to various experts, I should taper for 2 weeks before hand.  While I know that the taper is wise, I know I won’t feel prepared.  So, I’m going to try to do my final long run the 8 days before the race, then 2-3 more runs less than 3 miles each.

I still need to figure out what shoes I want to wear!  Ahhhh