Makeup Monday

At the beginning of wedding planning, I thought I was going to get everything. Flowers, really cool modern cake, photo booth, shoes for my bridesmaids, hair and makeup. The reality is that shit costs money. Money we won’t have when we find a house.

I’ve already chosen for forgo flower centerpieces.  I’ll be making my own centerpieces, probably with fake flowers.  That was a long internal debate about the tackiness of Christmas Tree Shop fake flowers.  I think fake bouquets are a line I don’t want to cross, but I have resigned myself to buying bulk flowers from Costco or BJ’s and making bouquets myself.  Our food package comes with dessert, so we’re not getting cake.  Photo booth is also a no.  My bridesmaids will probably be responsible for they’re own shoes.  I’d like to stick with my plan of paying for everybody’s hair to get done.  Especially because I have my two little sisters and FH’s young cousin in the bridal party who would all be excited to get their hair done.

That brings me to makeup, and I’m making a Pros and Cons list.


  • Less stress – I don’t have to worry about it.
  • Staying power – I’m guessing that a make up artist can keep mine lasting for 10 hours of dancing and crying.  I cannot.
  • Better looking – My make up will look better if a professional does it [duh].
  • 2 words = Fake. Lashes.  I can’t apply them to save my life.


  • Expensive – $100-$165 – especially when I’m pretty good at doing my make up and can do it myself for “free”
    • I put free in quotation marks because I know if I do it myself, I’ll end up buying a bunch of new products that I’ll rarely use.
  • Unnecessary – For all the money I spend on make up, it should be good enough to use on my wedding day.
  • Color matching – Yes, I know make up artists have every color and usually mix colors to airbrush foundation.  I still can’t imagine they have my exact pale, pink-undertoned complexion that only a few brands carry and has taken my 10 years to find.  I just can’t believe it.

I’m going to keep thinking about it, but I might end up doing my own make up and just paying for them to apply fake lashes (~$25) because lord knows NO mascara is going to last through my wedding!


3 thoughts on “Makeup Monday

  1. Don’t worry about the faux-pas. Only your great-aunts will think of that. I love flowers, but they’re not exactly the be all and end all of decor. My sister actually asked for fake flowers in her bouquets because then she could keep it – and she does still have it, and I still have my maid of honour one. The centrepieces can also be reused – either sent home with guests as gifts, or perhaps even rented and returned.

  2. If you don’t like tacky fake flowers, then do centrepieces that are non floral. There are tonnes of great options. But there are nicer fake flowers too – stake them out in advance and wait for the sales. Cake is not necessary, bu t you could always get a little cheesecake just for the two of you to have somethng to cut into – or get cute cupcakes, and have them as the centrepieces on the tables!

    As for makeup, it’s a hard one to skip. Not impossible. Apparently even Kate Middleton does her own! It’s tough to do your own lashes, but maybe a bridesmaid could practise doing yours?

    • It’s not so much that I think fake flowers are tacky – I actually love them (probably because I can’t keep a plant alive to save my life). It does seem like a wedding faux pas, but I’m over it. My wedding isn’t having a lot of the standard things. Most important parts are ceremony, dinner, drinks and DANCING!!

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