“Manageable, but not Sustainable”

That’s how I described my tendinitis to my coworker yesterday.


Right now, every run causes some sort of pain, but with ice baths, rest days, and ibuprofen – it is manageable.  I have just shy of 4 weeks left to the half marathon and I can manage to keep running until them.  Hopefully, to keep running enough to finish the race in 3 hours.

But not sustainable.

If that race were not coming up, I would take 1 – 2 weeks off from running, all the while working my PT regimen.  Then I would start with 2 mile runs x 4 times per week = 8 miles per week.  Then I would increase my weekly mileage by the 10% rule, with every 4th week being a “rest” week.  That’s how I should have been training for the half marathon.  It is how I would have been training, had it not been for the sprained ankle and being laid up for 2 months.  I write this to point out that the increases I’m making right now are not smart, and cannot be sustained in the long term.  This should be my training program for the half marathon.  It is 18 weeks long.  I’m doing it 8 weeks and, frankly, I will probably not be able to walk without a limp for at least week.  I will take a few weeks off after that, rehab myself, and run recreationally.

  1. 8 miles
  2. 8.8 miles
  3. 9.6 miles
  4. 8 miles
  5. 10.5 miles
  6. 11.5 miles
  7. 12.6 miles
  8. 10.5 miles
  9. 13.8 miles
  10. 15.1 miles
  11. 16.6 miles
  12. 13.8 miles
  13. 18.2 miles
  14. 20.0 miles
  15. 22.0 miles
  16. 24.2 miles
  17. 20.0 miles
  18. 26.6 miles