A Long Day on the Hunt

Last weekend we went to 6 promising open houses.  We liked 5 of the properties enough to make offers on.  Unfortunately things don’t work that way.  1 of the places had offers due Monday, 2 on Tuesday, and 2 that were just takin’ em as they come in.  Our first choice was one of the Tuesday properties.  2 bedrooms, parking, laundry, up the street from our current place, listed at $369,000.  We didn’t like the Monday place enough to put in an offer on it and jeopardize our chance of getting our first choice.  So, we offered $400,000 on our first choice.

We didn’t get it.  Not only did we not get it, we weren’t even in the top half of offers.  Yes, you read that correctly.  Thirty One THOUSAND Dollars OVER ASKING was not in the top tier of offers.  Out of 13 offers!

With that, we had lost out on the Monday due condo and the other Tuesday, which brings us to the 4th choice.  Beautiful, nicely renovated, new appliances, 2 bedroom, central air, on the market for awhile, didn’t sell at $419K, price dropped to $399K.  What’s the catch?  Tandem parking and a dud of a neighborhood.  Not a total dud, mind you.  It’s still in the city we want to live in, but it’s not super accessible, and it’s “up and coming” … re: currently gentrifying.  There are lots of bars on windows of stores.  I’ve lived in the neighborhood before, and it’s not necessarily unsafe, but it doesn’t feel as safe, nor does it have as much to do within 1/2 mile, as our current neighborhood.

FH is the one most dubious of the neighborhood.  For me, in comparison to the ‘burbs, I’m comfy with it.  And the place was fucking gorgeous.  Did I mention the laundry?  Full size, brand new, stacked W/D in the kitchen.  In the fully renovated kitchen!  Unnnnfffff.  <— That’s the sound of me blowing my real estate load on this kitchen.

So, the FH talked to our agent, and he went to the property to check it out this morning.  It was a flip, so we were sort of concerned with the quality of the work.  Whether they threw in some fancy looking appliances and painted over all the problems, or actually fixed things and put in the effort to improve the quality of the property.  Simultaneously, FH decided he’s just not okay with the neighborhood.  Now, we knew that it wasn’t our prime target area, but if the right property came along…yada yada yada. This was the right property and being faced with the actual possibility, FH got cold feet.  That’s obviously okay.  Spending four hundred thousand dollars is a huge fucking deal.  You’re allowed to change your mind.

The agent saw it and liked it.  Quality work.  Seller wants to move it quickly, hence the price drop.  Everything looks on the up and up.  I relay the information to FH, who second guesses his cold feet, talks to our agent himself, and then puts the ball in my court.

Now I’m all about it.  The laundry!  The backsplash!  I feel like I forgot to mention the backsplash!  It belongs in the After picture on HGTV!  So, now the ball is in my court, but I feel bad about it.  FH says if I’m sure, then we should do it, but he’s not going to be excited about it.  UGH.  Well…

I did it.  Pulled the trigger.  Offered $392K, accepted the counter offer of $395K.  Should have the signed offer later tonight!!!!!  Can I be excited now?!?!?!  I don’t think FH is that excited, but he left it up to me.

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5 thoughts on “A Long Day on the Hunt

  1. Oh man, that is super annoying! We definitely do not have that here in the vast expanse of nearly limitless Canada. We have a garage plus a driveway that could fit 5 or 6 cars I suppose!
    But this place kinda sounds worth the hassle! I have a long commute to work and thought I’d hate it at first but now I don’t think twice. I love my house and yard and apparently should be more grateful for my driveway! If you love the house, those little things won’t even matter to you before long.

  2. Awesome news!!! I’d never heard of tandem parking either but I’ve never really lived in a place where parking is an issue, definitely makes me appreciate my covered single car parking spot, lol.
    Of course if I get the job I want I’m gonna have to give it up along with the extra bedroom, always upsides and downsides no matter where you live but city is nice because there’s more job opportunities and more fun stuff to do:) Glad to hear you guys found a place!

    • I am sorry that I am LOL’ing right now at your question. The driveway is 3 cars long, so each unit gets a space, but you can’t get in and out of your space without moving the other cars because it’s only one car wide. Our place is on the inner most spot, so we need to get the keys of 2 strangers’ cars and move them every time we want to use our car.

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