Five Thing Friday

  1. I was watching Say Yes to The Dress the other night and realized that I have a whole new appreciation and understanding of the bitchy bride not able to describe what she doesn’t like about a dress.  Normally I’m yelling at them to say “too poofy” or “too shiny” so that the dress consultants have some direction, but not last night.  Now I understand sometimes one this is too poofy, but something poofier is not too poofy.
  2. I got yogurt for lunch.  Two of them.  And they were both disgusting.  DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT get the Yoplait Greek 100 Calorie Yogurt.  The Yoplait Greek yogurt in the same flavors is fine, but whatever the fuck they use to make it 100 calories (instead of a 190…the horror) makes it taste like butt.  I do not like performing analingus on my animated GIF
  3. Right now when I run, I carry my phone and keys in this Gear Beast arm band.  My phone isn’t as big as the phone it’s meant to hold, so it has room for more things.  Unfortunately, my arm is not as big as the arm it’s meant to hold.  The velcro strap goes all the way to the end and when I run more the 4 miles, I sweat so much that the fabric stretches out and it gets a little loose.  It hasn’t been a problem, yet, but I imagine if I run 13 miles, I’ll end up holding it in my hand, so I started searching for an alternative.  And I ended up with another Gear Beast product – this zipper belt.  It was cheap and well reviewed.  I’ve gotten to take it out my short runs this week and it’s pretty good.  The straps adjust a little too easily – if you pull on while unzippering, it will loosen.  It’s also weird because the zipper is the front, not the top, so you have to open it veeeerrrry carefully or else everything will shoot out the middle.
  4. Somehow, I always have to shave my legs the days that I run.  I’m pretty sure shaving your legs is enough post-run stretching.  Seriously, it hurts.  My mom didn’t shave her thighs (apparently that was a thing for her generation – only shave up to your knees), so she never taught be how to reach my inner and back thighs.  confused animated GIF My strategy is to sumo squat to get the underneath/back and then stand up and twist around to finish the job.  I feel like no other woman sumo squats in the shower to shave her legs, but I don’t know how else to do it?!
  5. We have a signed, accepted offer!  We’re getting a condo!  I’ve spent all day calling home inspectors and mortgage lenders.  Oi vey – this is more work than looking for the house!  Inspection is this Sunday.  Also happening this weekend….the meeting of the parents.  Yep, our parents have never met before.  Should be interesting.  I’ll update you all later!!

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