My Rules for Saving Money

For the next two months and probably years thereafter, I cannot spend extra money. The sandals I bought myself the other day – NO. The sundresses I need for vacation – NO. The doughnuts I treat myself to – NO. For SO MANY REASONS, no!

Between the downpayment on the condo, the deposits for wedding venues, closing costs, taxes, insurance, inspection, lawyer’s fees….  I can’t even finish that sentence.

The bottom line is I cannot spend unnecessary money over the next 4 weeks because we will be applying for mortgage and any deviation from how much we had when we were pre-approved will jeopardize the ease with which we get a mortgage.

The bottom bottom line is that, after that, I cannot spend unnecessary because I have so many necessary things to spend money one.  Mortgage payments.  Small home improvements – shelving, paint, that sort of thing.  Rent for the month of August.  Condo fees.  Movers.  Photographers.  DJs.  Some dress that I’ll wear once.  You get the idea.

Here are all the things I can do to save money.  They get progressively more unlikely as the list goes on.

  • Get a medium coffee each morning, instead of a large.  Savings = $10.80/month
  • Cancel the DVD portion of my Netflix subscription (why do I even have it??).  Savings = $4.99/month
  • Only buy breakfast from a grocery store; NOT from the coffee shop.  Savings = $12/month
  • Cancel my ipsy subscription. Savings = $10/month
  • Get my hair cut at Supercuts.  Savings = $12/month
  • Pay attention to the ingredients when I’m cooking — make cheaper recipes.  Savings = $20/month
  • Stop going out to eat.  Savings = $100/month
  • Don’t buy things for myself like make up or clothes or shoes. Savings = $75/month.
  • Drink cheaper beer.  Savings = A BILLION DOLLARS (okay, so it’s probably a savings of about $40/month…I know…I drink really expensive beer)
  • Cancel cable. Savings = $25/month
  • Stop smoking when I drink.  Savings = $20/month

So, if I had the willpower of a Tibetan monk, I could save $329 per month.  These numebrs are very approximate.  Regardless, that’s a lot of money.  If I tried to cut out all these things, though, I’m going to get cravings and splurge.  Big time.  I mean, the whole reason I even have an ipsy subscription is to try and satiate the desire to treat myself all the time.

I already canceled my DVD part of Netflix.  Next week I’m switching to medium coffees [Ultimate goal = bring my own coffee.  I already make myself coffee every morning].  And I’m not buying muffins or breakfast sandwiches any more.  I don’t think I’ll cancel ipsy, but I will stop buying myself things.  That’s tier one.  Leaves me with some things to work towards!


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