Sunday Runday 6/21



  • PT = 2x
  • Miles = 12.62 miles
  • Cardio = 2 hours 32 minutes
  • Workouts = 5x


  • Monday 6/15 – Stretching, Foam Rolling, + PT – I need to sign up for a yoga class.  Someone needs to make me do this boring shit for longer than 15 minutes.
  • Tuesday 6/16 – 2.98 mile run, 36:27 minutes – This was positively the worst run I’ve ever had (that I can remember at least).  My calves hurt.  My thighs hurt.  My feet hurt.  My shoes hurt.  I was wearing my yellow Asics, the ones I planned on wearing on race day, but I dunno….I think they’re making things worse.  Hard to tell.  I’m also realizing today that I’m probably not hitting my cardio goals for the week.  Too much to do after work each day, so no gym cross training time.
  • Wednesday 6/17 – Full Body + Legs Buzzfeed Workout – This workout wasn’t super difficult, despite my abhorrence of side planks.  I don’t have heavy enough weights to make the deadlift move mean anything (I only have 5 lb hand weights).  BUT the single leg bridges….ooof.  Never done those before.  I’m sure by butt is not going to feel great when I run tomorrow.  Also, I suck at doing PT consistently.  I ran out of time before work and then went to dinner right after, then got home around 9:30 and just went to bed.  This is why my foot hurts, in a nut shell.  I’m impatient and lazy.
  • Thursday 6/18 = 1.64 mile run, 17:21 minutes + PT – Sure enough my calves, legs and arms are all killing me today from the workout that “wasn’t super difficult.”  I wish I had more than one day off before my long run, BUT I had to move it up to a Saturday in order to taper for at least 1 week (even though 2 is suggested).
  • Friday 6/19 – Runner’s Stretch & Exercises – I went to bed without doing PT.  I’m terrible at this.  Remind me of this next time my foot feels like it’s going to desert my body.  Probably tomorrow.  I’m going for 7.5 miles.
  • Saturday 6/20 – 8 mile run, 1 hour 39 minutes – Did you see that?  EIGHT FUCKING MILES.  WOOOHOOO!  And it didn’t suck.  I mapped out a 7.5 mile route and got lost downtown (not lost, just off route), so it ended up being 8.  I got to run along the Boston waterfront, through downtown, through Boston common, along the Charles River, and across the Charles River over a bridge.  It was pretty fantastic.   8 mile
  • Sunday 6/21 – Rest – I know I’m supposed to do PT, but I’m exhausted.  My future inlaws are in town and we had our home inspection today (it went well!).  Basically, I’m really tired and lazy.  And I ran EIGHT MILES yesterday (I know, all the more reason I should do PT and foam roll and stretch).


  1. DO PT EXERCISES FOR 5 DAYS, DAMMIT!  I can’t seem to get this one down.
  2. RUN 10 miles on Saturday.


These are almost my same goals from last week.  Because I suck at doing my physical therapy (is this why I’m continuously injured??  yeah, probably).

I’ve been doing my long runs in the hated, dreaded motion control sneakers – Brooks Addiction.  They’ve been protecting my feet.  As uncomfortable, stiff and heavy as they are, I have to admit that all my injury hotspots are less hot when I wear them.  So, I admit defeat to the ugly sneakers.

I also need to start doing hills.  My 8 mile run only had a 291 foot gain.  The half marathon course has a 409 foot gain.  Blech.


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