Five Thing Friday

  1. Apparently Bristol Palin is pregnant again.  So….teaching abstinence doesn’t work?….anyone surprised?  I can’t wait to have a kid and teach them that sex is okay, as long as both parties are okay with it and whatnot, basically the Miley Cyrus approach.
  2. I got my nails done last week for the first time in over a year.  It was so much more expensive than I remember.  $35 for a mani/pedi + $10 to make it french + tip = $55.  I could never afford that all the time, but my nails look sooooo nice….(that’s the sound of me whining…1st world problems)
  3. Today, I’m obsessed with my white Bermuda shorts from Target!  Something about white pants makes everybody’s ass look amazing.  I couldn’t quite capture it properly, but here they are, and here’s where you can buy them (only $20!).
  4. I’ve finally come to accept the fact that Asics just don’t work for me anymore.  They are what I started with and they didn’t give me problems until I accidentally bought the wrong ones.  But, now I have the correct ones and they’re gorgeous highlighter yellow, but they’re not doing a body good.  I get weird knee pain, my normal tendon pain, toe pain – nothing drastic, but enough to make me scared to run in them, again.  It’s weird because it’s not that I need the motion control level – my Mizuno’s don’t cause these problems and they are similar stability to the Asics.  I think the brand just does not fit my feet anymore.  😦  Now, I need to try new things, but that gets expensive.  Oi.
  5. Every time I shave my legs in my bathtub now, I freak out about only having a shower stall.  UGH.  Google tells me I’m not the only one to have to this issue – search results.  Advice ranges from shave in the sink to buy a suction cup pedestal (that won’t suction because we have tiny tiles and I can visualize it falling down with my foot on it and me cracking my head open…) to remodel the bathroom.  Double UGH.  I did find this pedestal that actually sticks and seals to the shower, so that’s less of a death threat.  Triple UGH.

EDITED TO ADD: SCOTUS Rules.  This will be part of my wedding ceremony script.  I’m crying tears of joy.  I can’t quite explain.  This is so amazing: “No union is more profound than marriage, for it embodies the highest ideals of love, fidelity, devotion, sacrifice, and family.  In forming a marital union, two people become something greater than once they were.”


5 thoughts on “Five Thing Friday

  1. Americans are very spoiled with their mani and pedi rates. I notice that in every city I travel to, and yet in those cities, all the locals are complaining! They look good though. That’s what counts.

  2. I like the shorts. I might have to try those out. I’m short so I struggle to find good lengths, pretty much ruled out capris because they just look like I’m wearing pants that are too short. I love getting my nails done but have yet to find a place here that doesn’t overcharge.
    A friend recommended a place and they charged me like $45 for just a pedicure!!! My reaction when she went to swipe my care and told me the price. WTF?!? I was amazed I was able to keep a calm face as I signed for it.
    I take partial responsibility for not asking the price but I wanted to tell her to wipe it off and I would just paint my toes at home. Lesson learned on that one, always ask the price even if you think it’s a nice local shop in a small town.

    • I’m pretty short (5’2″) and have essentially replaced all capri pants with Bermuda shorts or ankle length pants. AND I’ve totally done that before – not asked about a price at all, been surprised, and then embarrassed by being surprised…ugh. lol

      • I’m about the same height so I’ll have to try Bermuda shorts.
        It was the first time I’ve seriously contemplated trying to run out of a place without paying. Must be why she rang me up while my nails were still drying, lol.

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