Sunday Runday 6/28

This week was all about the long run.  I still haven’t fucking done my PT like I’m supposed to, which makes me feel like a complete fuck up.  A lucky fuck up actually, because my feet/ankles feel okay after running on them for over 2 hours.  Really lucky.


  • PT = 3x
  • Miles = 16.51 miles
  • Cardio = 4 hours 6 minutes
  • Workouts = 4x


  • Monday 6/22 – PT 
  • Tuesday 6/23 – 3.4 mile run, 37:57 minutes
  • Wednesday 6/24 – GYM + PT – 30 minutes recumbent bike, 10 minutes elliptical, 10 minutes arc trainer – I forgot my mp3 player, so no music.  My Kindle was dying, not that Anna Karenina really takes my mind off boring cardio machines.  My phone was almost out of battery.  It was a major gym fail, but I still got 50 minutes out of it.
  • Thursday 6/25 – HILLS!  2.61 mile run, 33:43 minutes – This run had an elevation gain of 249 feet — more than my 8 mile run last week (can you believe I ran 8 miles last week?!).  I mostly walked the downhills to “recover” and walked some of the uphills because I’m a wuss.
  • Friday 6/26 – I was supposed to do PT, but I did nothing.  At. All.  My MOFH (maid of fucking honor, as she dubbed herself) left for Arizona today, so we had to go out and celebrate.
  • Saturday  6/27 – 10.5 miles, 2 hours 5 minutes, HUNGOVER – UGH.  This was terrible.  There was a LOT of walking.  A LOT.  But I did it.  In semi-decent time, no less.  My 2nd toe on my right foot is bruised or something – it just hurts when I walk is all.  My thighs hurt from running for the first time ever.  My back hurts.  My stomach is killing me, but I think it’s because I essentially fasted yesterday.  Despite ordering chinese food and eating almonds by the handful, my net calorie intake was only around 200 calories.  Ooops.  Lesson learned.  My 8 miles last week made me really excited for the half marathon.  These 10 miles made me want to back out.  I have two weeks to get excited again.  [obviously, I’m not backing out]
  • Sunday 6/28 – Stretch, Foam Roll, PT – So much stretching.  Everything hurts.  Especially my toe.


  • PT 5 days this week
  • 100 squats and 1 ab work out – I gotta make sure my muscles are up to snuff.
  • 3 runs – pain pending – Technically I could start tapering right now, but I barely run enough mileage to be at a taper pace, so my goal is to maintain.  We’ll see how I feel Saturday regarding a long run.  If I feel okay, it’ll be 11-12 miles.
  • 1 cross training day

Half marathon is two weeks from today.  I know I can do it, I just hope it’s enjoyable.


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