Weird Dreams

I used to never remember my dreams as a kid and still rarely do to this day. For whatever reason, this week I’ve had two weird ones that I actually remember and they were both blog related.

  1. I wrote something in my blog about the NFL and Roger Goodell started following me (he’s the limp dick asshole commissioner of the league).  Even though I hate his power-hungry, wishy-washy guts, I was geeking out with excitement that someone so famous was following me.  And then I was mad at myself for being excited, because he sucks.
  2. On Monday I posted that Ipsy review that included pictures of me wearing make up.  I have a zit in my eyebrow (one of the most annoying places to get a zit because it’s hard to pop through all that hair; but it is camouflaged).  I dreamt that my dad’s fiancee told me that I better fix it.  She was laughing and making fun of me for posting a picture of myself with acne.  I was getting annoyed and flustered and kept defending myself for “being real with my readers” like it’s a tough cross to bear.  It was rather silly.

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