Five Thing Friday

1. Sooooo, we closed on the condo on Wednesday.  Besides being exhausted from endless trips to Home Depot, there was no excessive feeling.  My coworker said she keeps waiting for it to hit me, but I’ve known it was happening for 2 months, so….yeah, whatever.whatever animated GIF
2. My hip really hurt after my run on Tuesday, so I haven’t run since.  It’s painful right at my joint on the front of my thigh.  Survey says….hip flexor tendinitis!  Obviously, because my tendons hate me and inflame at every chance they get.  I’ve been stretching and icing and taking Advil and it feels fine.  My next 1/2 marathon training “starts” the week of vacation. Since the only training I’ll be doing that week is for a case race, I’ll get plenty of rest.
3. On our first Home Depot shopping trip we disagreed on everything.  FH was super excited to get a heated towel rack, but they were too “expensive” so we got regular towel racks.  Yet, these heated towel racks have been on our shopping list for months.  Literally.  And everything is expensive.  We’re not going bankrupt by buying a heated towel rack.  UGH.  But I could not win this one.  Apparently, we’re not alone in fighting at HD: 
4. I did successfully buy paint!  Having lived in white and eggshell for the past 10 years, I can’t wait to paint.  It’s a little excessive, since the unit is freshly painted already.  But, I decided to just paint one bedroom and one accent wall in the living room.  The stripes will be this Rich Navy and the bedroom is a slightly lighter blue (still pretty dark).  It took me about 2 hours to tape off half of these stripes.  Why did I think this was a good idea?Day 1 taping
5. Since I wasn’t supposed to use my credit card pre-closing, I had a few purchases saved up in my head and went nuts after Wednesday.  I finally bought new running sneakers!  IDK why I said finally.  I have 3 pairs that all have less than 100 miles on them.  Anyyywayyy, these Saucony Omnis are a stability shoe weighing 9.3 oz (about the same as my Asics, while my Mizunos weight 7.9 oz).  They have more stability than my Mizuno’s, way more than my Asics, and slightly less than my Brooks, which should hit the sweet spot (though my Mizuno’s held up for the half, which was impressive and surprising).  The Brooks weight 11.9 oz. and the bottom is so stiff that it hurts my foot.  My hope is that these provide enough support to avoid more hip problems, but in a lighter, more comfortable shoe than Brooks Addiction.Image result for Saucony Omni 13 Sneaker


Sunday Runday 7/26 – WEEK 1


  • RUNNING: 2 days; 5 miles  X
  • PHYSICAL THERAPY: 3 days  ✔
  • INDIVIDUAL EXERCISE GOALS: 26 Burpees, 8 Pull Ups, 30 Uneven Squats  X
  • WORK OUTS: 3 days  ✔
  • MEASUREMENTS: I noted where I lost.  Of course the last place I’ll lose will be where I want to lose, my waist, but progress is progress!
    • Weight 134 lbs (last week = 137 lbs)
    • Chest 32″
    • Waist 32″
    • Hips 36″ (last week = 36.5″)
    • Thighs 21″ (last week = 22″)


  • Monday 7/20 – Core Yoga + PT – I also did my burpees, pull ups, and squats, but realized this list would be crowded if I put them in every day, so I’ll just count those in the summary above.
  • Tuesday 7/21 – 3.1 mile Run in 33 minutes – First run since the half felt…okay.  It felt way longer than 3 miles (still can’t believe I did 13), but it wasn’t terrible.
  • Wednesday 7/22 – 2×10 of 1st 5 Transverse Abdominal Exercises + 1/2 PT – These ab exercises were easier than I thought…probably because I only did 2 sets.  Will do 3 next time.
  • Thursday 7/23 – 2 miles run in 20 minutes + The Other 1/2 of my PT – I’m having some weird so
  • Friday 7/24 – Full Body & Arms Workout + PT – I like these workouts because you can go at your own pace, but they’re still challenging and definitely full body!  Add 10 burpees and die on the floor.  At least that’s what I did.
  • Saturday 7/25 – So, I was supposed to run today, but we had friends over Friday night and I wasn’t feeling so hot, sooo, yeah.  This is the first time in months that I skipped out on a run.
  • Sunday 7/26 – And then I went out Saturday night, so, yeahhh.


This week I’m throwing in a 4th run – only 1 mile – but, still, the first time I will have ran on consecutive days since February (the 3 days before I sprained my ankle).  I also found a hip strength workout and added it my list to choose from in my work out plan.  Given how this week ended on a not so successful note, I should put in a lot of effort this week.  However, this week we’re closing on the condo and starting to paint and whatnot, so I’m not sure how much time I’ll have.  These are my goals, but I’m not gonna beat myself up if I don’t make all of them.

  • EVERY DAY: 5 Burpees, 2 Pull Ups, 5 Uneven Squats
  • Monday – PT + Yoga
  • Tuesday – 3 mile Run
  • Wednesday – 1 mile Run + Abs + PT
  • Thursday – 2 mile Run
  • Friday – PT + Workout
  • Saturday – 5 mile Run
  • Sunday – Rest

Week 0 measurements HERE.  All work outs linked from my Work Out Plan.


Five Thing Friday

  1. House Update: WE CLOSE NEXT WEDNESDAY!!!  Woohoo!!!  Wrote our last rent check ever this week.  My life and free time is about to be turned upside down.  Painting, fixing, buying, packing, moving…all with a vacation sandwiched in the middle.  Holy cow.
  2. At work, we’re really starting to focus on unconscious bias and education about racism.  It’s been disheartening and fascinating and educational and painful.  I thought I would share some sources:
    1. TED Talk – Allegories on Race & Racism – 20 minutes –
    2. What is Privilege? – 4 minutes –
    3. Unconscious Bias tests (what are your unconscious biases?  becoming conscious of them is half the battle) –
  3. Less heavy topic at work, BURRITO BOATS!  These are the best tortillas I’ve ever had!wpid-img_20150723_120000_852.jpg
  4. I met up with a high school friend last night who I haven’t seen in a few years (even though we only live a few towns apart!).  It was as if no time had passed.  I drank this delicious IPA (not very grapefruit-y, but good nonetheless):


    neither this, nor the burrito bowl, was good for my calorie goals…

  5. One of our topics of conversation was running.  She ran her first half last year and is signing up for 1 or 2 in October.  Long story short, I think I may be signing up for the Baystate Half Marathon.  More to come!

A Rating of Protein/Breakfast Bars

I usually stick to Luna bars for breakfast: Chocolate Covered Coconut, S’Mores, or Peanut Honey Pretzel.  But that can get boring, so I grabbed a bunch of random ones at the grocery store the other day to see if any measure up to my favorite Lunas.  Each is rated out of 10 with 10 being best (Chocolate Covered Coconut Luna).

wpid-img_20150715_081508_681.jpgLARABAR Cherry Pie – 5 – The cherry was overwhelmingly tart.  Do not eat if you have a cut in your mouth (I burnt the roof of my mouth 2 days before eating this and I almost started crying).  The texture was soft and gooey, but not in a bad way?

Luna Protein Chocolate Salted Caramel – 4 – Gritty protein powdery texture.  Not as bad a thinkThin or some others.  It is covered in chocolate, which helps.

thinkThin Cookies & Cream High Protein Bar – 2 – I hate protein bars.  The gritty, play-doh texture.  The density.  They also never taste like what they’re supposed to.  This was no exception.  I thought it was going to be crunchy, given the beautiful pictures of Oreos on the wrapper, but it was the dense, gritty, chewy protein texture with dipped in…something…supposedly creme?

KIND Dark Chocolate Cherry – 6 – Good cinnamon and chocolate flavors, but it’s too hard to eat.  Hurt the roof of my mouth and pieces fell on my desk when I bit into it.

Regular Luna bars still take the cake.  Unless there’s actual cake.  Or coffee cake.  Or chocolate covered croissants.  Or coffee cake muffins.  Unnnnffff.  I have the worst sweet tooth.