Five Thing Friday

  1. I haven’t been tearing through the Taste of Home recipe mags like I planned, but I have been cooking a decent amount.  Last week, we made it through 6 dinners with a combo of steak, arugula, eggs, ham, english muffins frozen veggies and cheese.  It was thrifty, delicious, and creative.  This week, since I had to buy all those expensive weird oils and shit for the clean eating challenge, I made this pasta and peanut sauce dish because I had all the ingredients for the sauce: Rainbow Peanut Noodles.  It was featured in a list of rainbow recipes on Buzzfeed to celebrate PRIDE.  Health, taste, equality and looks:

    this is veggies pre-noodle and sauce addition

  2. Since I despise my Brooks motion control sneakers for being too hard and heavy and hideous (the 3 H’s?), I’ve been checking out other stability/motion control shoes and I’m lusting after these Saucony Hurricane sneakers, but can’t really afford the $150 right now.  Trying to hold out until my birthday.  In October.  Okay, we all know that’s not going to last.  I also haven’t even tried them on, so maybe I should at least hold out for that…but they’re sooo pretty! 
  3. I settled on our wedding colors.  It looks like a shit ton and every wedding guru says 6 colors is too many, but hear me out.  The decorations will be mostly cream and blush with hints of sage and blue and silver.  The guys’ suits will be grey and their ties, etc. will probably be blue and sage patterned.  I’ll be in blue and the bridesmaids will be in plain ivory or ivory with a floral pattern (incorporating blush, green and blue).  I swear it works.  In my head, at least?

    colors on paint chips

    essentially a print out of my Stationary pinterest board…I was prioritizing. unfortunately, FH didn’t like the lovebirds at the top. but he helps make decisions.

  4. I was at Target shopping for essentials a few weeks ago and was feeling the bug to buy something “small” for myself.  That usually means nail polish, though the price tags are not really small and a have a bajillion nail polishes already.  Instead, I picked up this little face mask packet for $3: Dead Sea Essentials by AHAVA – Soothing Chamomile Mud Mask.  It’s awesome!  It goes on so easily that there’s at least 4 uses in this packet and it makes my skin feel super clean and smooth.  The only complaint is that you can keep using the one package so long that the product dries and closes the opening.  Oh well.  I could buy the full size for $15, but that would definitely get added to the collection of half full face and hair products that I ignore in favor of new, exciting ones like this little size.
  5. I have been obsessed with The Bachelorette lately.  My guiltiest of pleasures.  I’m all for good sex and one night stands but Kaitlyn should NOT have slept with Nick.  Not because sleeping with somebody before marriage is wrong (seriously, people, stop the slut shaming), but because she’s dating like 15 other guys with the understanding that no one’s sleeping with anyone until the Fantasy Suite.  It is wrong to date someone under false pretenses.  Despite my own feelings toward it, it was annoying when Kaitlyn said she felt bad and ashamed and Chris Harrison replied, “Good.”  STFU Chris Harrison.Besides that…I’ve been Team Shawn all the way…bachelorette animated GIF but he really needs to stop being such a drama queen and just go back to being adorable…wink animated GIF

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  1. That dish looks amazing! Great colors! Also, with wedding colors I think it’s your wedding so you can have as many colors as you want 😀
    Glad to hear I”m not the only one out there with a collection of half used beauty products left abandoned when I find something new. I actually just went through and got rid of some that were old or sold the ones that were full or practically full online.

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