Sunday Runday 7/5

I randomly decided last week to add squats to my goals.  Given that healthy, injury-free running is all about dat ass, this was a pretty good decision (that I should have been started WAY earlier in my training).  On Tuesday I remembered that I’ve seen single leg squats, or pistol squats, in a lot of ‘how to be a better runner’ or ‘avoid injury’ type articles, so I decided to try them.  They seem impossible, but I found this progression that makes it seem easier: 

Based on my goals from last week, I accomplished 1 ab workout, half my goal PT, 1 cross train, my runs, and I did stretch a decent amount, but it should have been more.  As for the squats, I only got to 40.  The holiday weekend really made me lazy.


  • PT = 3x
  • Miles =16.4 miles
  • Cardio = 3 hours 28 minutes
  • Workouts = 5x


  • Monday 6/29 – PT, 20 squats, Full Body + Core Workout – A fifth of the way to my goal of 100 squats and accomplished my goal of an ab workout.  Starting the week off strong.
  • Tuesday 6/30 – 2.2 mile run, 22:52 minutes + PT + Uneven squats 10 ea. leg – This was my first speed work – sort of a fartlek run.  I varied my speed at random intervals throughout (I guess that’s the definition of a fartlek run – I just don’t think it usually includes a walking speed).  It felt good to run really fast and it used different muscles than those that are still sore from my long run last week.  Also, it wasn’t long, but my splits were really good: 10:38 min/mi, 10:13 min/mi, 8:08 min/mi [that one was just the last 0.2 miles].
  • Wednesday 7/1 – GYM + Uneven squats 10 ea. leg – I did 10 minutes on the Arc Trainer, 10 on the Elliptical, 13 on the bike.  Then the gym was empty and I was feeling adventurous, so I hit the weight area and did 2 sets of 10 of: Lat Pulldown @ 55 lbs, Shoulder Press @ 30 lbs, Chest Press @ 40 lbs.  Then when I got home I did 10 uneven squats.  It felt very accomplished.
  • Thursday 7/2 – 4.18 mile run, 50:47 minutes – I ran home from work to meet people for dinner and drinks and then ran home from there.  So, this run was broken up by 2 beers and 2 tacos from Naco Taco (delicious, if you’re in the Cambridge area).  Maybe not the best, but after 2 beers I didn’t care what hurt, I just wanted to get home!
  • Friday 7/3 –I was really, really, really hungover today.  I went out after I got home from dinner.  My friends all had this Friday off, but I didn’t.  At work I ate Bacon, Egg and Cheese on a pretzel roll.  Then I had chips and queso for dinner.  It was not a good day.
  • Saturday 7/4 – 10 mile run, 2 hours 15 minutes – Worst run of my life.  First mistake = mapping a run along the Charles River (where they have concerts and set off fireworks) on the 4th of July.  I had to double back and run a different route.  Not knowing how far I was going made it seem like it was farther than originally mapped.  Second Mistake = Wasn’t MY mistake, but Virgin Mobile’s.  My phone did a factory reset mid-run.  Checked my pace around 7 miles, checked again because I got a little lost and my phone wasn’t my phone anymore.  Spent an hour back at home re-downloading all my apps and whatnot.  BLECH.
    Back to the run, it must have been right around 8 miles that my feet were killing me.  Not my injuries at all, but those shoes have such hard bottoms and stiff arches that it just hurts after awhile.  I cut the run short and it only ended up being 10 miles.
  • Sunday 7/5 – PT + Foam Roll

GOALS: I’ll post these tomorrow.



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  1. Thanks for sharing this. The upcoming week has me not getting any gym time due to my travels so I need to focus on a bunch of exercises like squats and what not. I like the progression of this. The uneven one at least as I will never ever be able to touch my toes lol.

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