1/2 Marathon Monday

In lieu of Make Up Monday (because, seriously, don’t wear make up when you’re running — unless it’s leftover from the night before), this is my detailed plan for getting ready for the half this weekend.

First up is my workout plan for the week:

  • Monday: Gym and PT and squats — 1 hour cross training
  • Tuesday: Run 3-4 miles and stretch and foam roll
  • Wednesday: Gym and PT and ab work out — 30-60 minutes cross training
  • Thursday: Run ~2 miles and stretch and foam roll and PT
  • Friday: Yoga and PT and squats
  • Saturday: Stretch and foam roll + dynamic warm ups
  • Sunday: HALF MARATHON!!

Second is my food plan:

  • Buy bananas and eat for breakfast every day
    This probably seems weird because I never eat bananas.  Back in my high school days, I was on the swim team and I literally could not go one day without a banana.  If I did, I would get a leg cramp, inevitably in the deep end, and sink to the bottom.  While I haven’t had issues with cramps running, I figured this is a healthy breakfast and the potassium is good for me.  Can’t hurt, right?
  • Fill water bottle right when I get to work, refill at lunch time
    I don’t drink enough water.  I used to never drink water.  I would drink coffee to tea throughout the work day and at night when I was thirsty, I would have a glass of juice.  Literally no water.  While I was in school, I got on a drinking water kick.  While I haven’t stopped all together, I haven’t been drinking enough.  Maybe 3/4 a water bottle a day.  I want to be fully hydrated on Sunday without drinking a ton of water that morning and having it sloshing around in my stomach.  So…I want to make sure that I am hydrated all week.
  • Carbs on Friday, Protein on Saturday
    I know that you don’t carbo load the night before.  That would not sit well with my stomach even if it was recommended.  But I do need carbs, so I’m using that as an excuse for a date night on Friday night in the North End (Boston’s Little Italy).  Will probably end with cannolis, too!  Saturday night, I want it each chicken and veggies or something along those lines.  Something that I usually eat.
  • Plan for food on Sunday morning
    I don’t usually eat before I run.  For my long runs I’ve been eating a Nature Valley granola bar and then a packet of Honey Stinger energy chews on the run.  I don’t know if they help at all; it’s probably all in my head.  Calorie-wise, though, I know I need to eat and I should eat more than a granola bar.  Maybe a bowl of cereal when I get up with my coffee and then the granola bar on the drive down?  I need to think more on this one.

That’s that.  This time next week I will be working from home, unable to walk, wearing a finisher’s medal {hopefully}.home animated GIF


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  1. I bet you are pumped! I can’t wait to hear about how much butt you kicked this coming Sunday. Good luck! I am sure I will say it a few more times.

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