Trust your training?

I am so fucking nervous and excited for tomorrow.  Mostly excited that it will be done.  Also really excited, not for tomorrow’s race, but for the next one I do when I’ll have proper training.  It’s supposed to be 94 degrees tomorrow.  Fuck me.  Originally it as 91, which was already too hot, and then it kept going up.  Even though there are 7 water stations, they still say to carry your own.  I wasn’t planning on it, since my water thing is handheld which is heavy and a pain in the … hand?  But, at 94 degrees, I think I will.

Another piece of the race email advice was to research symptoms of heat related illnesses, so that you could identify them and seek help.  Well, the symptoms of me running exactly match up with the symptoms of heat stroke.  Soreness, weakness, muscle aches, dizziness, extreme thirst, exhaustion.  Check, check, check.  I will have all of these.  Maybe, I just always have heat stroke?  (I don’t usually run in the heat, so this is a weak theory.)

To combat nervousness, a lot of people’s calming advice is, “Trust your training.”  Well, I can’t.  You can see in the chart below that my training was about half of what proper training would be (a standard Hal Higdon plan).  In week 1 I ran a total of 2 miles.  It was the first week I was cleared to try running after my injury.  In a normal training cycle, I would have run 12 miles that week.  So, no, I can’t trust my training.  All I’m doing to looking forward to getting this one under my belt, so that way I can train for another one.  For real.  For a whole 14 weeks.  Half Training Pic


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