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In concert with yesterday’s post about weight loss and the changes I made to calorie counting, these are  the fitness changes I want to make.  I’m struggling a bit in coming up with them because I feel like I have too many goals.  I want to run another half marathon which requires running 4x per week for at least 12 weeks.  It also requires lots of physical therapy, hip and glute strength exercises and stretching.  That’s a workout regimen in and of itself.  Then, I want to get better at burpees and squats and pull ups.  Burpees, at least, are a total body move that I totally avoid, so I want to face that head on.

I’m having trouble combining all of these goals, some overlapping, some disparate, but here’s my best shot.  These goals don’t really have a deadline.  Goals technically should have deadlines (I want to accomplish X by Y), but I think this is more of a focused lifestyle change?  They are also really hard to reach.  I’m closing on a condo, going on a week-long boozy beach vacation, and moving all over the course of the next month.  There will be many weeks when none of the below are actually accomplished.


  • My long term goal is to run a sub 2:30:00 half marathon.  Once I sign up for that, I will follow a 12 week training plan that includes speedwork and hills.
  • In the meantime, my plan is to work up to running 4 times per week within the next 4 weeks.


  • Since I still plan on running, I still need to do physical therapy 3x per week.


  • Next up are some weekly goals for the first 4 weeks for individual exercises that I want to get better at:
    • Burpees: 35 per week
    • Pistol Squats: Week 1 – 35 ea leg uneven squats; Weeks 2 & 3 – 35 ea leg pistol squats w/seat; Week 4 – 35 ea leg pistol squats
    • Pull ups: 14 per week


I’ll start with trying to do this for the 4 weeks of July 20th, July 27th, August 3rd, and August 17th.  I skipped the week of August 10th because I’ll be at the beach.  I’ll also track my weight and measurements.



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