Five Thing Friday

  1. I burnt the roof of my mouth on Monday, not with anything hot, but eating too many very salty peanut butter filled pretzels.  That’s never happened to me before with salt, but it’s really bad.  Everything I’ve eaten this week has been painful, which is a shame, because I made these amazing red wine pork burgers with a fig walnut sauce (recipe here).
  2. I have no weekends free for a few months, but when I do, I’m going to make my work lunches ahead of time.  My Fitness Pal sends me a bunch of awesome recipes.  I really liked this list of Healthy Wrap Ideas.
  3. In a wedding planning update, I think we finally decided on invitations (after already deciding on different ones and then changing my mind – sometimes having too much time is a bad thing), so now I’ve moved onto the wedding website.  I had one fully created on The Knot but none of its themes goes with the invitation, so I started exploring.  Wedding Wire literally has thousands of themes, but you can’t edit the font color (something I found helpful on The Knot to make it match my colors more).  I just need to decide and go with one, because right now I have two.
  4. I’ve been hoarding boxes at work for moving.  They are now piled so high I don’t have a window, anymore.wpid-img_20150716_162631_883.jpg
  5. Let’s talk about something fun on a Friday.  I need a vacation!  I’m taking one in August, but that’s with 13 other people in what will hopefully amount to be a frat house.  It’s not a relaxing vacation.  FH and I have been looking into a variety of places for the honeymoon.  He wants to lie on the beach and do nothing.  I want to go to to Germany and drink beer and go to castles.  Those are two different vacations, and we’re going to try to do both.  I also saw this badass hanging hotel room on a mountain in Peru that is soooo fucking cool.  So, add that to the list!


    seriously check out the website….soooooo cool!


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  1. I legit laughed at number 1. I didn’t even know that was possible. Nor did I know anything about that hanging hotel style room. SO awesome.

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