A Rating of Protein/Breakfast Bars

I usually stick to Luna bars for breakfast: Chocolate Covered Coconut, S’Mores, or Peanut Honey Pretzel.  But that can get boring, so I grabbed a bunch of random ones at the grocery store the other day to see if any measure up to my favorite Lunas.  Each is rated out of 10 with 10 being best (Chocolate Covered Coconut Luna).

wpid-img_20150715_081508_681.jpgLARABAR Cherry Pie – 5 – The cherry was overwhelmingly tart.  Do not eat if you have a cut in your mouth (I burnt the roof of my mouth 2 days before eating this and I almost started crying).  The texture was soft and gooey, but not in a bad way?

Luna Protein Chocolate Salted Caramel – 4 – Gritty protein powdery texture.  Not as bad a thinkThin or some others.  It is covered in chocolate, which helps.

thinkThin Cookies & Cream High Protein Bar – 2 – I hate protein bars.  The gritty, play-doh texture.  The density.  They also never taste like what they’re supposed to.  This was no exception.  I thought it was going to be crunchy, given the beautiful pictures of Oreos on the wrapper, but it was the dense, gritty, chewy protein texture with dipped in…something…supposedly creme?

KIND Dark Chocolate Cherry – 6 – Good cinnamon and chocolate flavors, but it’s too hard to eat.  Hurt the roof of my mouth and pieces fell on my desk when I bit into it.

Regular Luna bars still take the cake.  Unless there’s actual cake.  Or coffee cake.  Or chocolate covered croissants.  Or coffee cake muffins.  Unnnnffff.  I have the worst sweet tooth.



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  1. I have been using the MetRix low sugar high protein bars. They have 1 gram of sugar and between 28 and 32gs of protein. They are pretty tasty too!

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