Sunday Runday 8/2 – WEEK 2


  • RUNNING: 1 days; 4 miles  X
  • PHYSICAL THERAPY: 2.5 days X
  • INDIVIDUAL EXERCISE GOALS: 23 Burpees X, 11 Pull Ups X, 35 Squats ✔
  • WORK OUTS: 3 days  ✔
    • Weight 133.2 lbs
    • Chest 33″
    • Waist 31.5″
    • Lower Waist 34.5″*
    • Thighs 21″

*I realized as I was measuring that I don’t care how big my hips are.  It’s my lower belly.  However, when you measure waist, you measure ~2″ above your belly button at the smallest section.  What I’ve dubbed “Lower Waist” is at my belly button.


  • Monday 7/27 – Lengthen & Strengthen Runner’s Legs + PT – My whole body is killing me this week.  My workout last Friday was heavy on squats, then I went to the driving range Saturday, then had to sleep on a round sofa chair Saturday night.  I tried to stretch it out with this workout, but really, it was a cop-out so I could watch the Bachelorette.
  • Tuesday 7/28 – 4 mile run in 47 minutes – Front thigh/hip area started hurting around mile 2 1/2.  Not a good sign for the week.  Though I actually spent time trying to stretch and roll it out when I got home.
  • Wednesday 7/29 – Rainy Day Core Blast x1  – I was supposed to run today, but my hip is still hurting.  Probably hip flexor tendinitis (I automatically assume everything is tendinitis), so it needs rest.
  • Thursday 7/30 – PT – Yep, got home at 10pm from working on the condo and only had time for PT.
  • Friday 7/31 – 20 minutes of Deep Release for Hips – I wanted to do yoga and strength training today, but had time for neither.  I did part of a yoga video.  Still working on these hips of mine.
  • Saturday 8/1 – 1/2 PT + 20 Donkey Kicks – Yeah, this wasn’t a workout, it was just something to do when I had a spare 5 minutes.
  • Sunday 8/3 – Nada


Life kicked my ass last week.  I ended up having time for no exercise (yes, I can hear all the fitspiration – “if it’s important, you’ll find the time,” “it’s 30 minutes out of your day,” blah blah blah).  Buying a house condo is mentally exhausting, physically time consuming, and overall, just energy-zapping.  We still have more stuff to do this week + our first condo association meeting + packing for VACATION!

So, my goals are to do PT 3 times and workout 3 times…anything (hopefully including running…stupid hip).

Week 0 measurements HERE.  Week 1 HERE.  All work outs linked from my Work Out Plan.



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