July Fitness Roundup


  • Cardio = 644 minutes [June = 792]
  • Total Distance = 41.98 miles [June = 46.74 miles]
  • Average Daily Steps = 8383 [June = 9950] 
  • Average Daily Calories = 1584 [June = 1470] – I’ve been struggling with drinking.  Not in the alcoholic sense, but in the caloric sense.  I can easily drink 1200 calories in a Saturday night.  That’s why my average daily is so high.
  • Weight = 133.2 lbs – Same as last month, which is good, given my average calories.

My only goal for July was to finish that Half in less than 3 hours and I accomplished it.  And I signed up for another one!  Diet suffered, so did other workouts (remember when I wanted to do 10 pull ups in a row?  I’m down to 2).  BUT, I ran that half and allowed myself some leeway.


Vacation is next week.  When I get back, there’s only 2 weeks left of August.  The first of which will be entirely consumed with packing and moving.  The second will be unpacking.  And fantasy football preparation.  My draft is on the 28th, and I’m a fucking terrible drafter.  Terrible.

It’s hard to fit in fitness with all this going on, but I did sign up for that half marathon, so I have to start training for it.  One goal is to find a track so that I can actually try some speed workouts.  Another is to re-map all my regular running distances from my new condo!  Mapping new routes is always exciting.  And then, an actual goal, is to fall in line with these training distances by the week of August 24:


“Subgoals” (as in ones that help achieve my main goal) are still PT 3x per week, and I really like my burpee-pull up-squat goals every day (even though I haven’t achieved them).