Sunday Runday 8/9 – WEEK 3


  • RUNNING: 3 days; 8.2 miles ✔
  • INDIVIDUAL EXERCISE GOALS: 6 Burpees X, 0 Pull Ups X, 0 Squats X
  • WORK OUTS: 4 days (incl running)  ✔
    • Weight 134.8 lbs (last week 133.2)
    • Chest 33″
    • Waist 31″
    • Lower Waist 34″
    • Thighs 21″
    • Progress Pics will be posted on Wednesday!


  • Monday 8/3
  • Tuesday 8/4 – 2.6 mile run, 29 minutes – I left the house without a route mapped and just went.  It was nice, but whenever I do this I don’t go as far as I want to.  I thought I did 3 – 4 miles – hahahah.  My hip feels…okay.  Like if I kept running it might not feel okay.
  • Wednesday 8/5 – Jillian Michael’s 6 Week 6 Pack + PT – Ever since I wrote down all the exercises in this video, I haven’t actually watched it.  There is something to be said for doing it at her pace.  I only had time for half of the exercises (hence, why I watched the video – I knew I’d get more done in a short amount of time), but oooooh boy was I sweaty.
  • Thursday 8/6 – 3.1 mile run, 33 minutes – This was an awesome run.  I tried to run the first mile slow and then the 2nd one fast and I actually did it.  My splits were 11:33, 10:09, 10:49.  Yay for a mini speed workout.  I also tested out my new shoes.  I won’t really know if they’re good until I put a few more miles on them, but so far I like them!
  • Friday 8/7 – 2.52 miles, 25:51 minutes – Hell, ya 10 minute miles!  This was a gooooood run.  Granted it’s a really good, flat route.  But, hell, yeah!  Now, it’s time for me to lay on a beach for a week – peace out!
  • Saturday 8/8
  • Sunday 8/9


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Week 0 measurements HERE.  Week 1 HERE.  Week 2 HERE.  All work outs linked from my Work Out Plan.