Progress Pics

Well, I am currently on vacation.  Hopefully, I am laying on the beach confident in my bikinis.  Probably, I’m trying to cover my stomach and feeling really shitty about this muffin top.  I don’t know when or why I reached this low level of confidence and happiness with myself.  It’s not just with my appearance that I’ve lost drive and motivation.  If 7 days on the beach can’t motivate me to eat healthier, then what will??

I want to simultaneously work hard to look better while I feel like I look great.  Blech.  Finding love and confidence in the way I look today feels impossible, even though I know, logically, I look fine.

Enough with the pity party.  Here are my progress (or lack thereof) pictures.


  • Weight: 137 lbs
  • Chest: 32″
  • Waist: 32″
  • Thighs: 22″



  • Weight 134.8 lbs
  • Chest 33″
  • Waist 31″
  • Lower Waist 34″
  • Thighs 21″


Despite not much progress in losing inches, my stomach feels stronger.  I lose muscle there so easily.  A few days in a row of no workout and I lose that level of fitness; one ab workout and they’re back.  While I’m not flexing and they are buried under a few inches of pudge, you can (or I can) see a teensy tiny bit of definition right under my ribs.

Random tangent, but I ordered my wedding dress the other day.  I had to pick a size based on my measurements.  Huge fucking problem.  My bust registered between a Size 4 and 6.  My waist was a clear Size 14.  My hips were a Size 8.  I went with the 8, since that’s what I usually wear and I’m praying that I didn’t make a huge mistake!

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5 thoughts on “Progress Pics

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  2. A little progress is still progress, and hello – it’s not like you have much to do anyway! You can’t lose 20lbs or inches if you don’t have them extra in the first place!

  3. First of all, get the eff outta here. You are beautiful, strong and you look absolutely fabulous! We all go through that not-feeling-great-about-body/life moments, but you gotta take a step back and check yo’self. Think of all the stuff you can do with your body! You just RAN A HALF MARATHON – that is HUGE!!!! You reached your goal, and you crushed it. You are made of some pretty strong stuff, dude – not just anybody can do what you’ve done/are doing. I don’t want you to be hatin’ or feeling like poo. Duh, we all want to have a six-pack like a fitness model with 8% body fat (who is probably on a 1100 calorie diet – which is totally effed up, because where is the room for chocolate and wine in that situation) but dude. But you are a tough, magical, ass-kicking unicorn, so I vote that you chuck all those negative voices in your head right into the ocean while you’re at the beach. BYE, POOP.

    PS: I’ve been there, you are totally not alone in how you feel. But as your blog friend/real life friend, I gotta tell you how wonderful and strong and awesome you are. Because you really are!! 😀

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