Sunday Runday 8/16 – WEEK 4

Vacation was my only goal this week.  I ended up running once and doing PT once.  That was my accomplishment.  I also drank no less than 5 drinks every day and ate no less than 2 grilled cheeses (2AM is Grill Cheese O’Clock…duh).  I had an awesome time.  Swam, drank, danced, took ridiculous pictures, had fun with my friends.  Finished off the vacation with ANOTHER sinus infection which hopefully goes away by itself.

As a side note, in follow up to my Progress Pics post: I actually felt pretty confident and not down on myself throughout vacation.  Mostly because I wasn’t thinking about that at all.  I was too busy having fun.  When I saw that post go up while I was on vacation, I had already forgotten about feeling so badly about myself and then felt a little embarrassed for being so mopey.  But, it was good to write it because I got it off my chest and forgot about it.


  • RUNNING: 1 day, 3 miles ✔
  • INDIVIDUAL EXERCISE GOALS: 0 Burpees, 0 Pull Ups, 0 Squats
  • WORK OUTS: 1  ✔


  • Monday 8/10 – 2.97 miles, 33 minutes – Slightly hungover, I ran until I thought I was going to throw up and turned around.  Jumped in the ocean when I got back and was quite proud of myself.


Half marathon training starts for real this week.  3 miles Monday, 4 Wednesday, 3 Thursday, 5 Saturday.

We’re packing and moving throughout the week, with movers for the furniture coming on Saturday, so I don’t expect (or plan) to get that much else done.  I’m going to set my goals at PT 3 times and Yoga 1 time because they are necessary.  I’ll resume more stringent strength workouts in September once we’re mostly unpacked.


Week 0 measurements HERE.  Week 1 HERE.  Week 2 HERE.  Week 3 HERE.  All work outs linked from my Work Out Plan.