Moving Updates

I’ve been doing the bare minimum over here at at Quitters Never Win (and, let’s be honest, many other places in my life), but it’s because we moved last weekend! Here’s some random, unrelated thoughts/observations…

  • FH and I have very different packing styles.  Obviously mine’s better (hahaha), but there are pros and cons to both.
    • I grab a box and fill it with things.  Then I shove my clothes in to cushion the things and fill in the random nooks and crannies.  Pro = By the time I’m done packing “things,” all my clothes are packed, too!  It’s very efficient.  Con = Unpacking.  I have clothes in EVERY box.
    • FH meticulously sorts through his stuff before putting it in a box and gets rid of things as he goes.  Pro = Neat and tidy boxes.  Less stuff.  Easier to unpack.  Con = He had packed 2 boxes in the same time I had packed 20+.  Not quick or efficient.
  • We got movers for the furniture, but tried to do most of the small stuff ourselves.  The goal was to save money, since movers are paid by the hour.  However, once we saw them moving, the extra small boxes that took up 8 car trips would have taken them an extra half hour.  The stuff that took time was wrapping the couches and mattresses…
  • …And trying unsuccessfully to get one couch up the stairs.  It’s for sale on Craig’s List!  — Please someone buy my couch!!!!  Our only other option is to pay someone to take it apart and put it back together again in the apartment.  UGH.  Since we’re only gonna be here for 3-5 years, we don’ t want to have to pay for that every time we move, but so far, no one wants the couch.  😦
  • Unpacking sucks.  It’s also not even remotely done.  And we have a pretty full weekend ahead.  Barf.  I hate moving.
  • Central air is weird.  I like it, but it’s strange to have NO IDEA what the temperature is outside.  Like it could be 0 degrees or 110 degrees and I’d have no idea.
  • The kitchen has a bajillion cabinets.  There are too many places to put things!  I’ve never had so many options before on where to put a cutting board, so I agonized forever over where it made sense.
  • The neighborhood is VERY hilly.  My 3 mile run has the same vertical gain as my 8 mile run from my old apartment.  I’ve also encountered a slug as long as my foot and a spider hanging from a tree.  Not a good running start.

4 thoughts on “Moving Updates

  1. Eh the dreaded move! trust me I know what you are going through. It will level off eventually and then you can get to some point of normalcy. We are just now fully unpacked after being here now for nearly 2 weeks.

  2. I’ll come running with you! I know about those hills. Also, I’m wickedly jealous of your cabinet space. PS: You should slash the price of that couch way down on CL and start a bidding war 🙂 🙂 🙂 Works every time!

    • OMG I went around tufts today and wanted to kill myself (actually, I just walked a lot). Next week I’m supposed to do Mon – 3 miles, Wed – 5, Th – 3, Sat – 8. Lemme know if those line up with your training at all!

      Thanks for the advice on the couch! I’m lowering a bit each day – at a certain point, I think we will just pay to take it apart and put back together.

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