Five Thing Friday

  1. I don’t think that we’ll ever get unpacked!  Getting home at 6 and cooking dinner/running errands and doing physical therapy leaves little time AND our weekend is chock full of stuff!  I live in squalor.
  2. Speaking of the weekend, tonight’s my fantasy football draft.  4 or 5 years ago when I joined the league I did a ton of research, drafted decently, and finished 6 out of 10.  Not good, but not terrible for my first go-round.  Turns out that was my peak.  I LOVE football.  I watch football every weekend it’s on.  But for some reason, I can never remember football.  Even Patriots games or players.  I have ZERO football memory.  That’s actually why I started playing fantasy – to help with that – but it hasn’t worked.  I’ve just sucked at fantasy football.  I kept Lamar Miller this year in the 4th round.  In the words of our best man, “Who.  THE FUCK.  is LAMAR MILLER????”  The point is I’m terrible and I’ve narrowly escaped the loser’s trophy 2 years in a row (after having won it once).
  3. Tomorrow I have a bridal shower to go to.  The couple registered at Crate and Barrel, so I went on last week and ordered my gifts on Thursday 8/20.  As of yesterday morning, they were still preparing for shipment.  I tried calling on Wednesday, but the estimated wait time was 22 minutes.  Fuck that.  Yesterday, I called, waiting 7 minutes, and was hung up on/disconnected right when it sounded like I was going to get to speak with someone.  I was about to blast them on Facebook when the live chat box popped up and I thought, sure, why not?  After I pointed out that other retailers can get me stuff within 24 hours and I was going to have to show up to a bridal shower sans present, the customer service agent was able to overnight my purchase and it should be waiting for me when I get home.  While I was majorly annoyed that they didn’t ship in the first place, I was impressed that the employee was empowered to do that for me.
  4. Tomorrow night I’m helping my friend move.  She the most enthusiastic, energetic person I’ve ever met and has essentially been an energizer bunny every time I’ve had to move, so I totally owe her one…even though it means delaying unpacking even longer.
  5. To round out my weekend plans, Sunday is very exciting.  We’re going to an adoption event to meet some dogs!  We just submitted our application to adopt this week, so we’re not approved, yet.  They have to check references and do a home visit, first.  But we’ll be able to see if we’re interested in any of the dogs they currently have and update our application with a preference.  I’M SUPER EXCITED!!!

    Oh, and Comcast is installing cable and internet that day, too.