Sunday Runday 8/30 – WEEK 6

So, 2 days before we finally got internet installed, I broke my laptop.  Well, it turns on and will work for a bit, then a shit ton of stuff happens and it doesn’t work anymore.  No, this wasn’t out of the blue.  I dropped it at my draft.  Oops.  I just bought it a few years ago, but was only $350, so… maybe time for a new one?  We’ll see.  But that’s why Sunday Runday is getting posted on Monday.


  • RUNNING: 3 days, 13.5 miles  (I’m still calling this a checkmark even though I was supposed to run 4 times, because I listened to my body and did what I could without risking injury.)
  • INDIVIDUAL EXERCISE GOALS: 0 Burpees, 0 Pull Ups, 0 Squats 
  • WORK OUTS: 3 
    • Weight: 132.2 lbs (this is just water weight loss.  I weighed myself at a weird time because the scale wasn’t unpacked on the regular day/time)
    • Chest: 32″
    • Waist: 31.5″
    • Lower Waist: 33.5″
    • Thigh: 21.5″


  • Monday 8/24 – 3.5 miles, 39 minutes [10:57 pace] – I did run this one fast like I set out to.  I was just very stiff from moving up 3 flights of stairs, so this time included stretching breaks and walking.  I may need to take a day off, we’ll see.
  • Tuesday 8/25 – PT – Hey, I finally did PT after 2 weeks!  No wonder I hurt so much.  I also can’t find a good place for my band for my hip exercises, since we got rid of the kitchen table.  If I wrap it around dressers, desks, or beds, I just drag them when I pull my foot back.  Harrumph.
  • Wednesday 8/26 – 4.2 miles, 54 min [12:50 pace] – SO. MANY. HILLS.  This was 6 minutes slower than my 4.2 last week (and ONLY 4 minutes faster than my 5 miles bahahaha).  I think I need a day off of training.  Otherwise, my hips will die.

    so sweaty. so many hills.

  • Thursday 8/27 – Took a day off from training, but I did PT and Foam Rolled instead.  Yep, that’s right, 2 days of PT so far.  I’m really killin it with the rehab.  * sarcasm *
  • Friday 8/28 – Should have done yoga.  Slept in instead.
  • Saturday 8/29 – 6 mile run, 1:10 min [11:33 pace] – I ran up all the hills.  Go me!  Even the last one.  However, this pace should have 12 – 13 min/mile, while my 4 mile run should have been around 11.  I’ll get good at this someday.
  • Sunday 8/30 – I helped my friends move.  That was workout enough.


Half marathon training – 19 Miles: 3 miles Monday, 5 Wednesday, 3 Thursday, 8 Saturday. **I may end up needed to revise my training to be 3 days per week.  We’ll see how this week goes.

Strength Training: 1 Workout + Burpees + Pull Ups + Squats

3 PT + 1 Yoga + Foam Rolling


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