Five Thing Friday

  1. We made dinner the other night…without a recipe!  This is a rarity.  I’m generally incapable of coming up with anything other than an egg scramble if I don’t have a recipe.  BUT, I made green beans with almonds and butter and roasted potatoes.  FH cooked the steak in garlic and red wine.  Everything was delicious!  I LOVE purple potatoes.  SO much so that I went on a hunt to unpack my camera and proceeded to take 12 pictures of them because they’re so pretty.  Here are 2 pictures (I don’t want to torture you).005 003
  2. I came across this on Buzzfeed.  It was reallllly sad.  Two years after a couple breaks up, they sit down and honestly answer a bunch of questions.  I can’t imagine breaking up with someone who I had been with for so long and not being friends with them.  I am so grateful my ex is still in my life.  We’re not best friends anymore, obviously, but we have a good heart to heart every once in awhile, and I would never want to lose that friendship.
  3. I really broke my laptop.  But, I ordered a new hard drive and new start up disks for $83 total, which ain’t bad.  They just won’t be here for 1-2 weeks.  While I’m waiting, I have to try to back up all my files, but I don’t think my laptop will let me do that.  Luckily, I backed them up 4-6 months ago and the only updated things are saved online (i.e. Amazon Cloud music player, my resume).
  4. I finally signed up for a yoga class.  This was one of my goals for September, but what really pushed me to do it was the laptop dilemma.  I usually watch free yoga videos online, and I can’t do that right now, and my hips are killing me.  I could ChromeCast from my phone to the TV, but my phone is so slow, that just sounds sounds like an exercise in frustration, not relaxation.  Anyway, the class is Yoga for Runners and it’s only 1 mile from my house, so I’ll get a nice walk/jog on the way there and back.  I’ll review next week!
  5. IDK why I’m using the word ain’t all the time…I’ll try to stop.  There are a few things that I’ve said I’ll try to stop lately.  Alrighty is the other one that comes to mind.  It’s weird how you’ll start saying a word out of the blue all the time that you’ve never really said before.  And ‘out of the blue all the time’ is quite an oxymoron.  [I was also all about the italics in this post…]