Flip It and Reverse It

I was going to write a post confessing that my healthy snack idea wasn’t a good one (uhhh, 1500 calories of healthy snacks is still 1500 calories, duh, Briana), that I haven’t been working out like I planned, that I haven’t been writing like I planned (gotta review hair products and Hello Fresh, gotta write next part of the my stories about addiction), that I definitely haven’t curbed my excessive spending (because, you know, I’ve got a mortgage now…And I’d like to have a dog…And a wedding).

I was going to write all that, but I changed my mind. I flipped it and reversed it. Here’s a TBT for ya –> 

…anyway… Instead of scolding myself, I’m going to applaud myself.

  • I’m sticking to my half marathon training plan, even though my muscles are screaming at me from Dante’s 7th circle of hell.
  • I own motherfucking property in the greater Boston area.
  • And I am downright feeling myself in this outfit:

    sorry its dark, but this dress is so fucking cute. it was $15 from old navy on labor day.


    with all wood/brown accessories

    and a pair of payless shoes my college roommate gave me…these things are almost 10 years old

Self improvement is a good thing. Necessary, even. But for me it can sometimes get in the way of me being happy. Instead of focusing on what should improve, I’m taking a minute to focus on what’s already awesome.


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