Five Thing Friday

  1. I’ve learned a lot about tendons, shin splints, muscles, running, recovery, etc.  I didn’t realize how much until someone in my office started coming to me for advice.  She’s doing a Couch to 5K plan and starting having a little bit of shin pain.  Of course, I jumped into a frenzy of action because, if there’s one thing I’ve learned, little things untreated become lingering things that require weeks of rest.  I brought in compression socks for her, told her to get fitted for new shoes, sent her exercises to prevent shin splints, and told her to ice after her run.  She has a toddler and doesn’t really have time to sit down and ice, at which point I realized neither do I.  FH happens to have 2 ice packs with a velcro strap.  I strap these bad boys on when I get out of the shower and leave them on the whole time I’m getting ready.  It’s like really cold ankle weights.  It’s totally convenient and works really well!
  2. Here’s a nice read from Thought Catalog: What Running A Half Marathon Taught Me About Body Image.
  3. I’m still struggling with sports bras.  My tits are tiny, but they still jiggle a little and need support.  My rib cage/chest is really wide.  I had one sports bra in a Size Small that literally constricts my breathing, so I’d been buying Mediums to remedy that situation.  But I’m finding that after a handful of washes, and particularly after long runs this summer (by which I mean, really sweaty ones), they aren’t actually supporting my boobs.  So, I’ve been trying on a lot of Smalls to try to find ones that are better and I’ve succeeded somewhat.  THIS ONE ($20) from Target works really well once I adjust the straps.  THIS ONE ($30)from Asics felt like I was wearing a bathing suit top – will be returning it.  Just saying, you don’t have to spend all the money.
  4. Dog Update Alertdog animated GIF  – No dog yet, but we are fully approved to adopt.  Now we just have to meet some more and decide on one!  Unfortunately our home insurance does not cover homes with “bully breeds” (FU Metlife) which is total bullshit and perpetuates the cycle of abused and neglected pitbulls littering the shelters.  UGH.  Anyway, we think it’ll end up costing about $600 extra per year to adopt a pitbull because we’ll have to switch to a more expensive auto and home insurance package through a different company (shout out to Liberty Mutual).  We’ll see.  Financially speaking, we should just get a different breed, but the more I learn about the obstacles people face in adopting them, the more I want to save one.
  5. Because we had the adoption agency home visit, we had to unpack, so it’s starting to feel more like home.  We just need a couch.  Still no dice on selling the thing.  Price is down to $500 and I’ve been targeted by at least two money order scams.  Also, try as I might to contain my stuff, our 2nd bedroom is still MY bedroom and I feel bad that I have a whole section of the house essentially to myself, while more of my stuff is still dispersed throughout.  Why do I have so much stuff?!?!  On a positive note, I’m diggin the laundry in the kitchen AND THIS VIEW:

    my phone takes shitty pictures

    seriously this was 10x more amazing in person


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  1. a) I feel you on the bras – I get the expensive Lulu bras to strap ’em down, good luck on your quest to find a good one! b) Awesome tip on the icing while getting ready – love that. c) Boo about the couch 😦 d) I saw that same sunset!!!!!! 😀 It was gorgeous.

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