Sunday Runday 9/13 – WEEK 8 (+ my yoga experience)


  • RUNNING: 4 days, 20 miles  
  • INDIVIDUAL EXERCISE GOALS: 0 Burpees X, 0 Pull Ups X, 0 Squats X 
  • WORK OUTS: 4 
    • Weight = 133 lbs
    • Chest = 33″
    • Waist = 31.5″
    • Lower Waist = 34″
    • Thighs = 21″
    • **Obviously I’m not losing anything.  Gotta improve what I’m eating!


  • Monday 9/7 – 1 mile run, 11:17 + Yoga – I went to Yoga for Runners and it was very yoga-y.  I roll in wearing running sneakers and promptly realized that I should have taken off my shoes the second I stepped through the door.  I was there a little bit early and everybody is meditating or some shit.  I just wanted to scroll through my phone, but I lied there instead waiting for the class to start.  The class was fine.  I didn’t feel as stretched as I thought, but I’m also stiffer than I thought.  I’ll keep going through this training cycle just to prevent injury.
    • ***Also, I know I was supposed to run 3 miles today.  I didn’t.  Obviously.  It was Labor Day.  So, I ran to the yoga class to make up for it.  But that was only a mile away.  Oops.  Also, I won’t do that again.  So sweaty.  No one wants to stretch in front of a bunch of people with swamp ass.
  • Tuesday 9/8 –  PT  – I finally found the right place to put my bands for my hip stretches.  I put the band around my pull up bar and the pull up bar on the floor.  The bar + door jam is strong enough to hold the band!
  • Wednesday 9/9 – 5.4 miles, 57 min [10:26 pace] – Okay, so the mapped route is 5.2 miles and my GPS came in at 5.45.  That does sound plausible given all the times I cross the street/run weird ways along the route…right?  Or should I just re-log the run as 5.2?  IDK!!!
  • Thursday 9/10 – 3.5 miles, 35 min [10:00 pace] – HOLY SHIT was I sweaty.  2.5 of those miles were closer to a 9 min/mile pace, but one mile was mostly up hill and involved a lot of walking, averaging out at an 11 pace.
  • Friday 9/11 – PT + Foam Rolling
  • Saturday 9/12 – 10 miles, 2 hours 3 min [12:20 pace] – My hip is buggin, and the last few miles weren’t great, but overall this was a pretty decent run!  Now I just have 3 more long ones before the race….UGH
  • Sunday 9/13 – I was supposed to do PT….


The training plan calls for a TOUGH week this week.  Anything over 3 miles before work is difficult.  Both because of the amount of time it takes and because of how worn out I am after.  Short runs leave me energized for the day.  Longer ones definitely do not.

Half marathon training – 24 Miles: 4 miles Monday, 5 Wednesday, 4 Thursday, 11 Saturday.

Strength Training: Hip Strength Workout

3 PT + 1 Yoga + Foam Rolling

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