I planned some meals this week! Too many, actually…

As you know I eat terrible food on a daily basis. Some days I stick to my healthy plans; other days I get apple fritters from 7-11 (they are sooooo good).

To combat some of this (though I still got an apple fritter yesterday), I spent Sunday night making pita sandwiches for work. I ended up making 6 of them with filling left over for a couple more that will probably go bad and get thrown out. Unfortunately that happens to a lot of my food. I wanted to make 2 different types of sandwiches so I didn’t get bored and because of that, I ended up with enough ingredients for about 2 weeks worth of sandwiches. Maybe it won’t go bad…anyway…here’s what I made:

Tex Mex Pita Pockets – Joseph’s low calorie pita bread filled with a mixture of black beans, corn, diced tomatoes, black olives and shredded cheddar cheese.

These were supposed to have freshly diced tomatoes and lettuce in them, but I forgot my grocery list when I went to the store and ended up with no lettuce and canned tomatoes.  That made the mix a little too runny, so I threw it in the colander.  They’re okay.  Filling, but not super flavorful since all the ingredients were canned.  On the plus side, that made them super easy to make!

Ham, Apple, Brie Pita Pockets – Same pita bread filled with herb brie cheese, green apple, craisins, and deli ham.

Another failed attempt at shopping without my list.  These were supposed to have turkey, not ham, and definitely supposed to have plain brie cheese, not herbed.  But, oh well, they’re still pretty good and relatively healthy.  Not so easy to make though, as I have to bring the apples to work and cut them there, so that they don’t go brown.  Kind of a pain.


3 thoughts on “I planned some meals this week! Too many, actually…

  1. You can cut your apple ahead of time and toss your apple slices in lemon juice and they won’t go brown! And what if you sprinkled a little bit of spices on your tex-mex ones? Throw some chili powder/cayenne/cumin/whatever/salsa/fresh cilantro/squeeze of lime?? I’ve got your back, dude. Also, we should def join the Downeast Cider Running Club, for real.

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