Five Thing Friday

  1. Dog update – On Sunday, we’re going to the organization’s monthly adoption event where we hopefully find out new family member.  We did drive out an hour and half to meet one dog earlier this week.  She was the sweetest little thing – playful, but cuddled up with us right away.  Alert, and cute, and tough and fun.  BUT, she was a pitbull (+ $744 in insurance per year) and she had a lot of food allergies (+ $300 in prescription food per year) and she chases/attacks small dogs (thinks they’re bunnies!).  The dog thing is really just something that needs more training and socialization, but all 3 things combined added up to “not the right fit for us.”  But, I have to say I’m a little heartbroken.  She felt like my dog.
  2. We’re mostly settled into the new place.  FH doesn’t want over the door shoe racks everywhere which left be with 50+ shoes just chillin on the floor.  There’s a built-in thing meant for a TV (see pics in #3) that we were going to put shelves in and have my shoes on display.  However, it was a weird size and even the cheapest particle board shelves were going to cost upwards of $70, so we gave up on that idea and bought a free-standing shoe rack.  I totally regret not buying the taller one because I still have a bunch of shoes under my desk at work.  But oh well.  Here it is in all it’s glory.
  3. In our old place we had 1 dresser in the bedroom and 1 in the second bedroom and we each got half of each one (that was a confusing sentence!).  This time around, I conceded that FH could have his full dresser back and I’d take my full dresser.  I promptly realized that my dresser’s drawers were smaller and so is my closet (my old one was just 8′ of hanging space in the 2nd room along the wall — at least now I have an actual closet).  Sooooo, I had to find space for my overflow.  Here’s the built in thing where my shoes were supposed to go, except now it’s holding a cheap wire cube storing running stuff and sweatshirts.  Such a hot mess.
  4. And another storage hassle.  We have no bathroom storage and no linen closet, but we did have an extra bookcase.  I “transformed” this into a linen closet that sits in the living room just outside the bathroom door by adding curtains to it.  Yeah, it looks pretty tacky, but not as tacky as the BJ’s sized box of denture cleaner for my retainers sitting out in the living room.
  5. And we’ll end on some good things!  Haha.  Because my hanging clothes moved into an actual closet instead of hanging over my dresser, I gained the whole top of my dresser back.  I used a cute basket made of newspaper to hold all my nailpolish stuff… and I used some organizational trays I had left over to hold my sunglasses.  I found 3 pairs when I was packing which was awesome because I recently broke one pair and left on at my dad’s house.  sunglasses (and glasses in general) are amazing – doesn’t everyone look better in them?  Yes.  The answer is yes.