Sunday Runday 9/20 – WEEK 9


  • RUNNING: 3 days, 20.5 miles X 
  • WORK OUTS: 4 


  • Monday 9/14 – 4.2 mile run, 11:22 pace + Yoga – This run hurt.  Hip flexors, possibly IT band.  I’m a little bit concerned about impending injury, but the next day I felt mostly okay, so I’ll continue to play it by ear as to whether or not I need an extra rest day.
  • Tuesday 9/15 – PT + Hip Strength + 30 Sit Ups – I really need to work on my glutes and hips.  This was a good start and an easy-to-incorporate workout.
  • Wednesday 9/16 – REST – I took a rest day.  Mostly, I just needed sleep!  Granted, I should have done PT and stretched.  Alas, I watched the GOP debate instead (amusing to watch, but horrifying to think that one of them could be president ugh).
  • Thursday 9/17 – 5.2 mile run, 11:16 pace + PT + Foam Roll – GPS said 5.77 because it’s a stupid exaggerator that gives me false hope about my pace.  GRRR.
  • Friday 9/18 – Nada
  • Saturday 9/19 – 11.4 mile run, 2:21:00, 12:22 pace – I’m on track to run a slower half marathon.  Great.  Also, my stupid GPS said 12.7 miles when I got home, which I believed because I got lost and had to go around construction, but now.  It was only 11.4.
  • Sunday 9/20 – Spoiler Alert – We got a dog today!  No exercise for me.  More on the dog later!


Half marathon training – 4 miles Monday, 6 Wednesday, 4 Thursday, 12 Saturday.  **Just because this is the plan does not mean I have to do it.  I want to get in the 12 mile run, but if that means skipping one of the 4 milers, that’s fine.  Or reducing all 3 weekday runs.  Also fine.  The half is in 4 weeks and I want to make it there.

Strength Training: Hip Strength Workout

3 PT + 1 Yoga + Foam Rolling