This is our sweet, snuggly nugget we adopted last weekend!Reba

I do think we weren’t totally prepared for her, but it’s kinda like having a baby (I imagine) – no matter how much you prepare, nothing goes according to plan, and you just figure it out.  We’ve been alternating working from home this week, so that she’s not left all day alone.  She was fostered with 2 other dogs, and I think she misses them, which is why she’s being a huge couch potato.

She’s a really good girl and she’s totally house trained, but that’s it. She does NOT know any other commands and she pulls A TON on the leash. Originally, FH and I had agreed that we didn’t want to use a prong collar. Not only do they look mean, they kinda make the dog look mean. How naive we were. With a prong collar on, she walks pretty well on a leash. Without it, there’s no way I could walk her in the city. She’d have me chasing after squirrels and acorns (yes, acorns – they fall of the trees and roll around on the ground). So, she has a prong collar. We also got her a harness that she still pulls in, but not as much. It’s one that pull up on the back, not back on the chest. The ones that lay across their chest actually make it easier to pull and encourage it, like sled dogs.

I picked up dog poop for the first time without throwing up! Yay!

I also wasn’t prepared for how angry I am at breed discrimination. It’s totally and utterly shocking. Grown men cowering from this sweetie who’s wagging her tail and just wants to be pet. A kennel hanging up on me when I mentioned the word, ‘pit.’ That one was particularly upsetting because they’re supposed to be dog professionals and understand breeds.

On the flipside there are people like me who know how misunderstood “pitbulls” are and just want to give them love and show them that people are nice. Those are my favorite people. ❤

We did do a DNA test through WisdomPanel so that we know exactly her breed.  While she looks very much like an American Staffordshire Terrier or a Staffordshire Bull Terrier (those are two of a few breeds that are often categorized as pitbulls), she’s probably mixed with a few things.


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