I’m Tired

4AM – wake up because the dog got out of bed, worry that she has to pee, convince yourself that she doesn’t and try to go back to sleep

4:15AM – get up and check that she didn’t pee somewhere, coax her back into bed so I know she’s not peeing somewhere

5AM – alarm goes off, hit snooze

5:10AM – alarm goes off, hit snooze

5:20AM – turn off alarm and play cookie jam

5:30AM – get up to put on running clothes, pray dog stays asleep until I’m back to walk her; realize I got my period; throw away pajama pants

5:40AM – realize the dog is already awake and take her out for a walk; bring lots of treats because she’s afraid of the dark

6:15AM – return and go in the back door because there are bees swarming the front porch lights; remember to call exterminator later

6:30AM – go for run

7AM – get back and make coffee, shower, fold laundry, remove nailpolish

7:30AM – clicker training with dog while doing my make up

7:45AM – leave for work (board bus, then subway, then another subway)

8:50AM – arrive at work

12PM – forget to call exterminators because I have a meeting

12:30PM – get news from FH that the dog ate the flashlight; also get cute pictures

4:30PM – grocery store for more dog treats, dog bones, and milk

6PM – get home

6:30PM – foodie festival for dinner

9PM – pick up crate from coworker so dog stops chewing on things

9:30PM – walk dog

10PM – stretch and do PT

10:30PM – move Call Mom, Call Exterminators and Go to Bank from today’s To Do List to tomorrow’s; woefully realize they were also on yesterday’s

11PM – go to bed